Goodbye Grad School, Hello Life!

You read that title right! I submitted my thesis and am patiently waiting to receive it back to make any edits before submitting a clean copy for department records. A huge part of me is relieved, because I don’t have any other plans to go back to school for 2

Where does this leave me?!? The possibilities are endless and very exciting!

First off, I will definitely be catching up on my favorite blogs – I apologize for neglecting you all and I promise that I will become an avid reader and commenter once again.

Second, my countdowns for the next few months have a lot of fun adventures ahead of me. I kick off May with graduation and follow it up with my graduation trip to Las Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, our itinerary for the weekend for the weekend is shaping up very nicely.

Picture six women in Las Vegas without a worry in the world – you get the idea… Sheer madness will ensue as soon as we step on the plane. We’ve slowly started photo 1taking game planning the song to hashtag our weekend shenanigans with. It’s a close race between #letmetakeaselfie or #turndownforwhat, please feel free to leave your vote in the comments.

To make this trip even more thrilling Рwe have some powerhouse shows lined up. Britney, Chippendales, and the Michael Jackson Cirque show are all on the agenda РI cannot contain myself.

Third, you wouldn’t believe the sewing projects that I have lined up for the next few months. Before I hunkered down on my thesis, I introduced you to Madame Edna…well it’s time for us to get to know each other on a much more personal level. I cannot wait to share all of my projects with you guys.

I leave you with HELLO, I’m back and damn it feels good to be here!

xoxo s






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