Hangover Ready with Don Chelada

Hey Saturday morning, you’re looking pretty flipping peachy today.

Luckily I’m functioning enough this weekend to actually enjoy this fabulous Texas weather with a little patio fun with David. We’ve discovered our newest obsession and it’s a hangover game changer.

Last weekend, I binged a little with the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dallas on Greenville Avenue. After numerous mimosas and rum-soaked gummy bears, I eagerly headed home to attempt to sleep it off and sober up. By the miracle of all the Greek gods, I was able to walk 4 miles last Sunday but afterwards I was in desperate need of a pick me upper. Thank goodness for Don Chelada Micheladas!

don chelada

It you aren’t familiar with the michelada, it’s a traditional Mexican beverage that mixes assorted spices, peppers, lemon and lime, with beer. These easy to use michelada prepared cups with a spicy Mega Rim comes in three flavors (original, spicy, and lemon lime) of the freshest ingredients. Each Don Chelada michelada cup can hold two beers and the spicy Mega Rim adds to the fun.

As I said, last Sunday I needed a pick me upper after partying too hard on Saturday and doing the absolute most on Sunday morning. Upon arriving back home, I decided to dive rim first into the original flavor Don Chelada Michelada and a nice cold Dos Equis. The best part of these prepared cups was the simplicity of getting my hangover cure ready. I popped off the lids of an original and spicy flavor, emptied the spice mixes, poured cold Dos Equis in both cups, and prepped some quick breakfast. A few minutes later, I stirred the mixtures and we were ready to go.

prepared micheladas

I’ll tell you that the micheladas were a refreshing change from my vodka infused bloody marys. The combination of the spices mixed with the cold beer are incredibly flavored. Each sip was enhanced with the spicy rim, that I spent quite a bit of time licking off the spices. I love how easy it was to make these micheladas and not have to worry about washing out cups after I finished drinking.

After trying the cups, I made a small michelada with the michelada blend (not pictured) and enjoyed it more than the cups. The only downfall of the mix is that you don’t have the delicious combination of the spicy rim spices on the cups. Within the next hour or two, I felt so much better and ready to conquer the rest of my Sunday. I managed to make my way to the Don Chelada website to check out the recipes and I’m all about trying out the Don Chelada Fruit Cup and the Don Chelada Driver.

Shout out to Don Chelada Micheladas! They were kind enough to send over a few samples for David and I to try out and boy are we happy with them. Shop here to purchase your Don Chelada Micheladas!

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