Happy Birthday to my “Bestie”

Dear Beyonce,

It’s your birthday! I would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays today as we embark on yet another year of being graced with your likeness. For our birthday month, I figured I would share our story. You know the one that we are so closely connected to each other by.


We’ve come so long over the years and I couldn’t be happier to call you my “bestie.”

We went from making sure all the guys were saying no, no, no, no; when it was really yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Then I remember the valuable lesson you provided me about all those bills, bills, bills and not to take anything from a triflin’, good for nothing type of brother.

Real talk, I was going to make sure the club was jumpin’ jumpin’ and any guy that wanted a piece of me would say my name, because I wouldn’t force myself to deal with a bugaboo.

After that first tough trial with the guys in my life, you lifted me up to become an independent woman and survivor…all while being bootylicious. I thank you for being the constant in my life. You proved to me that I didn’t need to be a nasty girl, but could cater to (you) him in the most appropriate of ways. Over these years, we’ve really worked up ways to lose our breath and find us a soldier (actually a Marine, but you get the idea).

Then we entered the years of just you and me – we had to drop the other girls because it was our time to actually blossom into real women.


This is when we started to work it out and become a little crazy in love with the significant others in our lives. I couldn’t quite keep WareBear a secret, like you did with Hov – I admire you for that one homegirl. For a short while, we both needed a little time for me, myself, and I, but once that phase was done our inner naughty girl was veering to let loose. You bet all the guys were all about to check up on it as we hit them with a little deja vu! Those were our years of making sure that we were irreplaceable and made them all listen.


The guys wandered back into our life and we knew it would be until the end of time. We could honestly say that at last our inner diva and ego were sedated by the sheer impact of love from our men in our lives.  We had our permanent halo. No longer single ladies, we were ready to turn up like the love on top we both shared.

Happy 32nd Birthday Beyonce! May you run the world and keep schoolin’ life like the true queen you are!

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  • Reply ifs ands & butts

    My favorite 4th of July ever was seeing Beyonce on her home stage in Houston. 2010. It was magical.

    September 5, 2013 at 6:13 am
    • Reply Sevi

      I remember the I AM Tour. I went to the concert in Anaheim, CA. I loved it, but couldn’t imagine what the Houston concert was like.

      September 8, 2013 at 12:09 pm

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