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High Five to Dallas Comic Con #FanDays

If you know me, I’m a huge fan of all things geek. From Van Helsing, Hellboy, Arrow, Star Wars, and Quantum Leap – I like to think that my inner geek keeps me grounded as a person. With that being stated, I never miss an opportunity to proudly display my fandom in its full glory. This weekend Dallas Comic Con presented the fall edition of #FanDays at the Irving Convention Center. It was a 3 day weekend jam packed with outstanding celebrity guests from all genres, talented vendors, and plenty opportunity for fans to live in the moment.

With such a jam packed weekend of tremendous reunions (Xena & Gabrielle and The Karate Kid cast), I wanted to be sure to highlight the high five from my weekend at Dallas Comic Con #FanDays.

1 | Wild Bill’s Soda

I’m pretty sure I mentioned Wild Bill’s in my top 5 tips for Dallas Comic Con #FanDays and I’ll tell you they did not disappoint. With the location moved out of the exhibition hall and stanchions set up for purchases/refills, I didn’t wait more than 2 minutes to get a refill every time I got more of the delicious soda. As you can see, I got a shiny new cup this weekend in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month. I drank my weight in the sweet delicious root beer and do not regret it.

Wild Bill's Soda

2 | Cosplayers

The cosplayers always amaze me and they did not disappoint. This time around, I fangirled a bit when I saw this Jurassic Park jeep. With the blu-ray release of Jurassic World coming up, this was definitely a popular attraction outside. The cosplayers were in full force and I have never seen so many tridents (thanks Aquaman) take over a con. To be honest, I made a note to myself to start working on my own cosplay outfit for future cons.


3 | Irving Convention Center 

The Irving Convention Center is a beautiful structure that represents Irving’s continued development. This time around they stanchioned off key spots that cause a handful of problems at the last con, which vastly improved this Fan Days experience. It was much easier to navigate to the floors and find your way to each destination that you were trying to reach. Entering and exiting the panels were streamlined to accommodate all the fans in the fastest way possible. Kudos to the security team and Fan Day volunteers who made this possible (expect the security member who told me to cut my hair – you are a jerk and lucky that I was hungover).

Fans and Irving Convention Center

4 | Talented Artists 

I am a sucker for comic art! Our home is peppered with different pieces that we’ve received from various cons I have attended. Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Phil Spaulding and enjoyed hearing his story on how he landed on the scene with his jaw-dropping pieces. As we were talking and browsing his work, I instantly was drawn to his Freddy Krueger. Growing up, I remember I went through a phase where I couldn’t take a bubble bath because I was afraid that Freddy would find his way into the tub. I’m past that, but my obsession the dream killer is still strong. Friday was a quick day for me due to other events, but I knew I needed to have that print in my possession. Saturday, I made my way back around and purchased it. I love hearing the story and passion of the talented artists that are within the exhibition hall and Phil did not disappoint.

Vendor - Phil


I have no words to describe how freaking awesome Michael Rooker was. He was definitely a must see for me and he did not disappoint. Let me just leave you with these tweets to show you just how amazing he was at his Q&A panel.



The entire grand ballroom was floored that Michael Rooker hopped off the stage and worked the entire ballroom for questions from the unexpected fans and selfies with the ones who were ready to snap away. Seriously, I was in heaven watching him work the room and make every dream come true for the fans who dropped in to see him.


Once again, the Dallas Comic Con staff did not disappoint as they graced us with Bonnie Wright aka Ginny Weasley as she ventured to our metroplex for her first US con. Followed by closing the weekend with Jason Momoa who just happens to be everyone’s moon and stars. If this Fan Days is any indication of what is to come for the next one in February, then we are in for a real treat. Make sure you are following Dallas Comic Con on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated for future events!

See you in February!

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