High School Dropout

Ok, so I wasn’t a high school dropout but that title will make more sense when I get to the source of why I am reverting to a state of teenage angst.

My high school’s homecoming game is tonight and I will not be attending. This is the moment that I’ve been dreading since 2005. The moment that solidifies that in less than a year, everyone will feel obligated to meet back up and pretend that we all really liked each other.

That 10 year high school reunion. Everyone will come back with their significant others, kids, and careers in tow with the chance to prove something. I really can’t say what that something is because anybody can have all of those if they really wanted to.

“I can’t put this delicately – everyone goes to their high school reunion wanting to see who they ‘beat.'” -Megyn Price

High school was a bizarre time for me, I didn’t really fit into just one group and my friends were always a diverse collection of people I wanted to get to know. The girl was my best friend wrote me off as soon as we graduated (people drift), I’ve kept up with the people who really matter, and I’ve been lucky to meet a number of other people who make my heart swell.

This 10 year high school reunion serves no purpose in my life. I keep a tight knit circle of individuals from high school that mean a lot to me. A high school reunion for me consists of texting or emailing the people I surround myself with now to coordinate brunch. What makes that even better is that in just a few weeks we’ll all be getting together for brunch in celebration of September Sevitember birthdays!

I’m dropping out and sticking with my forever friends, blog besties, and TBF.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    My 10 year reunion was last year, I think it was January or February when our class officers put together a FB event page and started talking about and planning it. I debated alllll year as to whether I wanted to go or not. At first, I didn’t even know if we’d be up there for Thanksgiving (when the reunion was scheduled for) and once we’d scheduled our flights back home I still went back and forth with it. I ended up going, but only because I knew that a couple of the people that I’m still good friends with were going to be there. My husband and I stood off to one side with my friends and their significant others and just caught up. Yeah, it was nice to see a couple of people that I hadn’t seen since graduation, but a lot of others I was completely neutral about. Afterward, we went to this 24hr diner with the same people we’d been talking with for the last few hours and hung out there. Part of me is glad I went, but I had such a small class that even if I hadn’t gone, I don’t think I would have been sad that I didn’t. I say, if you’re still friends and hang out with the people that you’d actually want to see and catch up with at the reunion, skip the reunion and throw an anti-reunion party with your friends and then go to brunch! 😉

    September 12, 2014 at 5:56 pm
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