Houston, we have rows!


My personal project has been coming along beautifully. In other words, I’ve been putting off a 7 page paper that I need to have finished by Tuesday to work on my precious gem. The colors are blending fantastically and WE HAVE ROWS!

photo copy 2Before heading to work this morning, I laid out the whole quilt. Requirements for when we buy our first home, it must have a floor large enough to lay a full size quilt out. This is a necessity for our home. I won’t budge on it and I’m sure WareBear will be more than willing to give in to this one request (along with the walk in closet, additional room for sewing, and hardwood floors). After laying it out, I couldn’t wait to get home to start piecing the rows together.

As of 8:03 this evening, we have rows and have started piecing together a quilt top. The man isn’t thrilled that the only space large enough for me to actually piece this beauty together just happens to be our dining room table. He cleaned it off this weekend to make room for some homework space….I took over.

This is all just a small hurdle. I’m sure our marriage is intact, because a photo copyhappy wife has ROWS! He is in for a rude awakening because I plan on testing out my free motion quilting and I don’t plan on budging from the dining room table – it’s just so spacious.

We’re making progress!

WareBear just turned to Space Jam – you cannot deny this movie.

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