I’m divin’ solo, I’m divin’ solo, solo!

WareBear loves me. He puts up with my Shark Week obsession and will sit around while I make the most absurd comments.

Oh you want examples, I’d be more than gladly to share with you.

  • WareBear, I would love a pet shark. I’d name him Chompers.
  • Shark Week is my favorite time of the year.
  • Why isn’t Shark Week year round? People would really enjoy that.
  • Megalodon would be such a cool shark to see.
  • Can you get me a real shark tooth?


The most recent comment or request came just the other night during Shark After Dark when I made the following request on the right →

A simple request of how badly I want to go diving with sharks and WareBear wimps out on me.

28reiw7Is that how we are rolling these days?!? Your loving, beautiful, and fabulously awesome wife expresses her desire to go diving with sharks and you say, “Have fun.”

Dear WareBear,

It’s like that.

Game recognize game, WareBear.

Game recognize game.

Your Wife,


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