Insert Foot into Mouth…

True life: My husband married a bitch.

I was moaning and complaining all night about how I wished I was at the Rangers game last night. David was so nice to let me have his free t-shirt, but I didn’t know that he had more tricks up his sleeve.

Last night as I soaked in a hot bubble bath with my book, David starts asking me if I wanted to go mountain biking on Saturday. I loudly proclaimed that I would need to think about it. Oh Sevi, you can be so clueless sometimes…

David has been working the early shift this week and woke up very early this morning to tell me that something was on my night stand and it was a mess. As I stirred out of my sleep, good and ready to give him a piece of my mind, I saw the cutest set up waiting for me.


Yup – he made all those little purple hearts with my heart puncher.

I quickly grabbed them off my night stand and sat up in bed in sheer joy.

Tickets to the Rangers game on Saturday night in right field (not home plate, but his reasoning was perfect). He made sure to let me know that Prince Fielder is a leftie and we could take our gloves to the game! I was so excited that I immediately posted the picture on Facebook and regretted my blog post.

I guess I shouldn’t jump the gun…next time.



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    April 21, 2014 at 10:15 am
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