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My relationship with subscription boxes has rated all over the spectrum of great experiences that have garnered my devotion for extend periods of time to the bad experiences that were a hassle to cancel.

Kendrya Cook of KolourConscious reached out to ask if I would review her subscription box service that has a very unique premises behind it. Their mission is simple change the face of business, invest in diversity, and uplift communities. Each subscription box is crafted to meet your specific needs and highlights products from businesses operated and owned by people of color.

For a woman of color this is a huge selling point for me, as this was one of the main reasons I cancelled my Birchbox subscription. No matter how many times I attempted to fill out their questionnaire, they never could grasp the fact that I didn’t need tanning lotion.

After corresponding with Kendrya about my only issue (nothing with almonds, I’m allergic), the process of packing my box and sending it my way began.

Kolour Conscious - Review - Dallas Blogger - Subscription Box

I’ve had the pleasure to try nearly everything in my box and I’m super excited to share it with you all!

Good Thoughts Tea Company – Ginger Green

This product worked out perfectly because my sweet guy has been a tea fiend lately. Green tea, ginger root, lemon peel and mint make up the delicious Ginger Green tea that was provided in my box. Since we have this fancy teapot that brews the water to perfect temperature, you could really taste all of the flavors in this team. This was an added delight and definitely helped these last few days that I’ve been sick.

Kolour Conscious - Review - Dallas Blogger - Subscription Box - Good Thoughts Tea Company -  Ginger Green

Hair, Body, N’ Soul – T-Shirt Towel

Shout out to my team natural girls! I had to do some serious research on this product and let me tell you it was a heaven once I used it for the first time. Everyone is aware of my natural hair struggles and how I’m slowly finding my way with embracing my kinks and curls more than ever. WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!? After the first use, I couldn’t believe how soft and manageable my hair was just from using this towel. My curls weren’t frizzy and my curls were popping! The absorbency of this towel was everything and I didn’t have to do a number on my curls in order to feel like they were actually dry.

Hands down, my favorite product in the box.

Before use, now its in my bathroom with all of my products. Don't be surprised if you catch a glimpse of it on Instagram.

Before use, now its in my bathroom with all of my products. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of it on Instagram.

Harper’s Naturals – Soap

I’m always so hesitant with using bar soaps because I hate that it makes my skin feel like its stripped. There is a huge difference when it comes to natural soap and I’m thankful that Harper’s Naturals afforded me the opportunity to realize the difference. I won’t lie it took me a few days to really use this because the soap was so pretty. Alas, I finally gave in! My skin felt rejuvenated after using this soap for the first time and I haven’t been able to put it down. This soap leaves a very clean and refreshing feeling after each use, definitely something new for a bar soap.

Kolour Conscious - Review - Dallas Blogger - Subscription Box - Harper's Naturals Soap

Jay Allen Cosmetics – Nail Polish 

I don’t use nail polish often because I’m a fan of Jamberrys. I figured I could give this one a shot because the color, Newbie, sounded right up my alley. Sexy lilac pear with young, light silver shimmer – you know I love anything that shimmers or shines! After a few test coats, I opted to wait a bit before trying to paint my nails with this color. It’s such a light hue that it takes quite a few coats in order to get it to show on your nails. I’m going to give it another shot over a darker color to add a little shine to my nails. Don’t worry, I’ll report back 🙂

Kolour Conscious - Review - Dallas Blogger - Subscription Box - Jay Allen Cosmetics - Nail Polish - Newbie

Skin Rejoice – Skin Cream

This is the only product that I was not able to try because it had almond oil in it. No worries, because the rest of the box made up for this one product I couldn’t use. If anyone is interested in trying it, leave a comment below and its yours!

Kolour Conscious - Review - Dallas Blogger - Subscription Box - Skin Rejoice - Skin Cream

All in all, I’m extremely happy with KolourConscious and would recommend it to all. It’s diverse, personalized, and easy to subscribe to. If you are interested in giving KolourConscious a try, act now! For the next ten days, if you use the code sevi15, you will receive 15% off your subscription. Give it a shot!

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