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Lactation Consulting: Calling In Reinforcements

You read about our trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, but it hasn’t ended there. I never realized how much lactation consulting would come in handy during my breastfeeding journey. The amount of advice I received about capitalizing on lactation consulting was overwhelming, but it did not go unheard. I quickly asked for the lactation consultants to come and see me in the hospital.

They were helpful, but I needed more. We needed more to really capitalize on the best breastfeeding experience.

Lactation Consulting: The In Home Visit

After dealing with breasts the size of cantaloupes and realizing that our latch wasn’t getting any better, we had a lactation consultant visit the house. We needed the personal assessment of what was going on and how we could make it better. It was an interesting experience! Delilah was facing an uphill battle as she has a high palate and never really had time in the beginning to learn instinctive latching.

For an hour and a half, we practiced latching Delilah on and different holds to make feedings more comfortable for the both of us. The downfall of this visit, our sleepy girl didn’t really want to latch on. If she had it her way, she would’ve slept the entire time (which she sort of did) without any interruptions.

David learned finger feeding and I was complimented on my ample milk supply. In the end, we received a number of different resources and tools to transition us from the bottles back to breast.

Lactation Consulting: Figuring it out…

With all of our new tips and tricks in our hands, we set out to make our girl a champion for breast is best.

If you’re squeamish or just don’t want to hear this, leave now.

It’s not easy to make breastfeeding work when your nipples are in shreds! Oh and it’s also not fun when your breasts are so engorged you feel like you’re going to topple forward each time you stand. We were there and David went above and beyond with helping me drain the boobs when Delilah couldn’t keep up with the massive supply I was generating every feeding.

Even with our tips and tricks, the latching was still painful and things weren’t working out. Each feeding was unpredictable. There would be hits and misses each time. The defeat slowly started to wash over me when I realized we needed more help, if either one of us were going to survive this.

Lactation Consulting: Needing more help, The Office Visit

After a few more setbacks, we took the leap and made an office visit with a second lactation consultant. Boy, I’m sure glad we made this appointment. Once again, my sweet girl was a sleepy baby who didn’t want to be bothered. We didn’t really get to latch on, but the general assessment of her sucking techniques was more than enough for this consultant to give us a better idea of where we needed to go from here.

It took some coaxing of our girl to actually show off her latching skills for the consultant, but we learned that her palate isn’t too terribly high. The main culprit behind our breastfeeding woes just happen to be a posterior tongue tie! Our consultant examined carefully how Delilah was latching on and the issues she was facing during each attempted breastfeeding. The more our consultant described issues these tongue ties came with, the more our struggles made sense.

The consultant recommended seeing an ENT specialist or a pediatric dentist to identify if that is indeed the issue.

Second opinions are always worth it!

Next Steps

The second consultant made an interesting comment about preserving through breastfeeding woes in order to make the experience work for mom and baby. At this point, I feel like that is where I am at. Not only for breastfeeding, but bottle feeding as well. I believe this tongue tie is causing issues with her bottle feeding and I just want to be sure I’m doing my best for baby girl. This is my last ditch effort to make the experience happen, but if it doesn’t I’m perfectly content with pumping to feed my sweet girl. I just want to make sure that she is not struggling in her own quest to eat during each feeding. You have to do what’s right for you and your baby in the end!

Have you had any problems with breastfeeding? Share them in the comments below!

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    A lady in my mommie group little boy had a tongue tie too. She was able to breastfeed, but it was painful. Her baby had surgery to fix it and all is golden. Hang in there! I’m new to this blog and am love following as I’m also a FTM and my baby girl is due in a couple weeks.

    June 30, 2017 at 3:52 pm
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