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Life Lately: A Simple Update + August Small Goals

Hello! Hi! Bonjour! It’s been a little while, but we have finally found our groove and ready to jump back into action. I needed the month of July off to really take time with the baby girl and enjoy life. We bonded and I enjoyed the time away from blogging all the time.

It’s perfect that August is here, because all of my favorite things are happening within the next few months, so I need to be sure that I’m bringing my A game. Now that we’ve got a grasp on our life as a family of three, I figure I owe you all a simple update of life lately.

Life Lately Update

  • We’ve established a routine and our baby girl is thriving. She’s gaining weight and we finally figured out this breastfeeding gig.
  • Breastfeeding was a journey and I battled mastitis twice. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
  • Our baby girl has already outgrown her 0-3 month clothing. It was heartbreaking moving her into 3-6 month! She’s growing up too fast….
  • My maternity leave is quickly coming to an end and I’m in serious denial about going back to work.
  • These next few months will involve quite a few fun events that I’m super excited to share with you all. Just make sure that if you’re in Dallas, you are ready to be out and about.
  • Delilah has been spoiled rotten by all of her grandparents. We’ve been so fortunate to have so many hands willing to help out with our sweet girl.
  • With baby being apart of the picture, I’m taking a step back from Simply Mommy Chronicles. With the experiences I’m having right now in parenthood, a shift will be happening in my content that satisfies what this blog is all about.
  • I’ve got big plans for this blog and where I want to see it go in the future. It’s been on my mind over the last month. To be honest, I’m looking forward to the next few months and 2018. Plans are already in the works!

As for small goals, I’m keeping it simple this month after taking a break for July. I’m looking forward tackling these goals over the next few weeks.

August Small Goals

  • Establish a pumping schedule for when I return to work.

Since I’m going back to work in less than a month, I want to be sure that I’ve got plenty of liquid goal for the next few months. My stash is built up fairly well right now, so I want to keep that up.

  • Plan out blogs for the next 3 months.

Any way to get ahead is important for the blog. Since I took the entire month of July off, I plan on having my content for the next three months planned out. With the new baby and experiences, my content has been pretty baby centric in the best way. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences.

  • Join a mommy group!

Who am I? Yeah, you read that right – I want to join a mommy group. We aren’t sending Delilah to a day care any time soon, so I need to find a way for her to interact with other babies. A mommy group would be our best bet, so I’m doing it. Wish me luck!

  • Prep 2018 blog goals…

It’s never too early to start looking at 2018. With the shift in my content and plans for the new year, I need to start looking ahead now.

  • Gear up for Sevitember!

Do I really need to explain this one? It’s Sevitember and it’ll be here before we know it.

Make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and photos of baby girl! I’m so happy to be back!

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