21 years ago my mom walked into our house and told my dad it was time. Little did I know that just a few days later they would be bringing this little spitfire home. I was already fascinated with the fact that I got to play big sister to a baby brother, but this was different. Good lord knows we’ve had our differences, fight like sisters do over the simplest of things, but it’s all because we want the best for each other.

Life isn’t perfect, but having a baby sister is close to it. She’s made me an aunt to two of the sweetest little boys and continues to amaze me as she faces adversity in a world of people who always seem to be against her.

Let them talk. Let them laugh. Let them be fake. You are bound for great things little one, just taking a slightly different path.

HAPPY 21st birthday to my amazing baby sister! I love you to death little.


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