liver intact, dignity not so much…at least I can still craft!

I’ll be the first to say it, I’m getting too old for this. So old, that I needed a little nudge from a certain reader to post this blog.

Part of me was not ready to admit my lack of details from last Friday night (and yes, it felt like I was living out a Katy Perry song)…

National Margarita Day was a success, but eventually turned into vodka and whisky shots day. When did I ever get so classy?!? My two drink minimum was easy to stick by, but the drink of choice was stronger than they usually are. Needless to say, I ended up pretty flighty after them both.

I ended the night at a country western bar in a college town called Rockin’ Rodeo.

Somewhere between Agave Azul and Rockin’ Rodeo, I managed to take a vodka and whiskey shot. Followed by a few more beers and a shot by myself when I wondered off from the group at Rockin’ Rodeo.

Miraculously, I managed to get home and stood in my front yard at 3:00am in the morning with Hello Kitty pjs pants and my satin hair cap.

And that is where I lost my dignity. Not my proudest moments, but it happened.

Even with the loss of dignity, I took all day Saturday to partake in some retail therapy for myself and friends.

The rest of my weekend consisted of some quality time with Indigo LaRue – we needed some time together after the week I had. It was just a long and rough tumbling into the unknown type of week and what better way to get over it than with the most familiar method in my life.

Currently, I’ve got three quilts on my plate. Let me apologize in advance to my sweet friend Val, the cupcake quilt has been daunting to my quilting existence. I promise, the more I blog about it – the guiltier I will start to feel and actually complete it. My focus has shifted to my own personal quilt. Something of my own. I’m finally embracing the wants of myself. If you know me, this is far from what I am usually like. I will make something before everyone else before I even think about making one for myself.

Ever since I took on my own quilt, I’ve really taken a new approach with it. For starters, the amount of hate I had with it caused a change in direction of where I wanted to go. All the thought into how to portray what I wanted with this quilt finally came together as I started Imageover. I had to start over. The whole sway of things wasn’t working in my favor with my own vibe.

Then it started to fall together.

The colors and the patterns of all the fabric became beautiful chaos. As the fabric gently slide beneath my fingers and the quiet humming of Indigo LaRue flawlessly piecing the squares together, my sense of ownership swelled. This is something of my own – a creation long overdue. A piece that I will get to stare at and embrace myself in, knowing that it’s from my hard labor and endless hours.

This quest to becoming a sewing goddess couldn’t happen until I embraced the creator in myself. I needed to find my sense of purpose of why I am so attached to Indigo LaRue and sewing. It’s a task that awakens a fearless beast within me. A beast who is willing to explore new horizons and push new limits with my creativity.

All of this is the beginning…

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