Loco or Local?

So many great plans for national margarita day – so many epic failures.

If you are my friend on Foursquare, I am sorry because I earned the Oversharer badge this Saturday. Remember how I totally talked about hitting up a fancy margarita joint and celebrating big. We just happen to have some of the most amazing patio weather this weekend. Let me tell you this, Texans fucking love patio weather and it only gets worse when you offer $1 margaritas for National Margarita Day. After our amazing morning of birthday celebration lunch at Tillman’s, pie, and chocolate – we just wanted a margarita (others wanted to stop and drink craft beer)!

Every patio was jam packed – so what do you do from there?!? When life hands you lemons, you skip the lemonade and find  a patio to enjoy a cold margarita on. After trying Blue Goose and the Truck Yard (both were ridiculously packed, lines were outside of each place), we finally managed to use our big brains and remember that Taco Cabana is more than just a late night drunk food option.

It’s a good thing my friends and I know how to just make the best of things, because we had a blast sitting on the patio at Taco Cabana and drinking the day away. Two pitchers of tequila goodness, chips, queso, guacamole, and free sopapillas totally made for a National Margarita Day to remember!

This was just an added bonus to the fabulous time we had prior to that – check out our Dude, Sweet Chocolate celebrity picture!


Anything fun happen during your weekend? Share in the comments, I would love to hear about it!

P.S. I start my final Masters class today – the end is so near, but I am about to get busy again.

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