Make Up or Break Up: Subscription Boxes

This was a long wait and time coming, but it’s here – Make Up or Break Up! 

One of my challenges for this year was to step up my makeup game! When you are surrounded by beauties like Jaleesa, Denise, and the queen Valery – you can’t help but want to step up your own beauty game. I’m a proud subscriber of ipsy and frequent shopper of Sephora, so my makeup collection has slowly been growing. Imagine my surprise when I got the email that I was off the waitlist for the Play! by Sephora subscription service.

Which leads us to this point here – two subscription services arriving on the same day and because I’m being an adult I don’t want to spend money on both each month. So I’m tackling some quick pros and cons of each to hopefully get some feedback on which you think I should keep!

ipsy Glam Bag



  • $10 flat cost! Pays for your subscription each month and shipping.
  • The Glam Bags are easily reused for a variety of different uses. I use mine for everything from carrying the everyday essentials in my purse and the makeup staples that I need for a weekend trip.
  • You can earn points for all of your reviews and purchase items from the ipsy website with your points. I just received a full size mascara and it came with my latest ipsy bag! Those same reviews help with catering your bags every month (along with retaking the quiz to highlight what you really want to see in your bag).


  • As they grow, shipping has become more unpredictable. My bags would usually take a two to three days to arrive. Now I’m looking at four to five days, which is difficult when you are so use to it.
  • If you cancel your subscription, you’ll be placed on the waitlist. So there is no such thing as pausing it, because you’ll be back at square one. This is hard because so many people are on the waitlist.
  • You can’t turn off the automatic share for Facebook and Twitter for your reviews! It’s so annoying because I hate to bog down people on my Facebook and Twitter with review after review of all the items that I receive from ipsy. Just let me turn them off!

Play! by Sephora



  • The package is very attractive and fits the Sephora brand perfectly. It’s a fun box to receive in the mail.
  • It’s Sephora! Who doesn’t love that Sephora has come up with their own subscription box to step into the game with Birchbox, ipsy, and all the other brands taking leaps with these.
  • At the end of the Play! Book, you have a Play! Pass that you can take into the store to learn about all the products and you can earn an extra 50 points for any in-store purchases. That’s awesome for reaching your Beauty Insider levels.


  • They charge taxes, so your total actually comes out to $10.83 for each box that you receive. Not quite sure if I’m sold on that.
  • While the packaging is beautifully on brand, I’m not sure if I want to keep them in my house. You can’t really reuse the box with Play! by Sephora plastered on the front of it.


  • You can’t really take a test to cater the box to what you would like to see. It’s just a generic box that Sephora pieces together for all subscribers. No personal touch to match your beauty regime.

After weighing all the pros and cons, I’ve opted to try out Play! by Sephora for February because I wasn’t too happy at first sight with all the items that were in my box. But as for product reviews, I’m about to dive into both subscription services – so be on the lookout for my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Weigh in down in the comments about the subscription boxes and your thoughts!

Make up or break up - January

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  • Reply Alicia Parker

    Hey Sevi! With regards to Ipsy, there is a way to get credit for posting your reviews to Facebook without bogging down readers. I just set my privacy preferences to “only me” (versus Friends Only or Public) when posting from Ipsy. It’s a great way to get your points without having 7 different reviews or posts in a row regarding Ipsy products. It’s what I’ve always done each month with Ipsy and it works great. Hope that helps!

    January 28, 2016 at 2:51 am
  • Reply Heather Webb

    I have gotten Ipsy bags since the summer, but I’m also kind of on the fence with continuing. My problem is mostly when they send me things multiple times that I’ve indicated I’m not interested in, like eyeliner. I think they’ve sent me 3 and I keep telling them I don’t want eyeliner! But I’ve also gotten some great stuff that I love. I’ll probably keep getting it for now, but the Sephora bag sounds interesting. I added myself to the waitlist. I’m interested to see what you decide with these! I really like this series you’ve started!

    January 28, 2016 at 2:38 pm
  • Reply Kyrra

    When I review my Ipsy stuff (via the app or online) I can toggle the Facebook and Twitter buttons off so that it won’t post. 90% of the time that’s what I do. The other 10% I forget and it’s not until it says Successfully Posted! that I go “Ugh”.

    I’ve been receiving my Ipsy bag for almost a year now and there have been very very few things that I haven’t loved. My make up collection has grown quite nicely and I feel like I’m much better at doing my make up these days than ever before!

    January 29, 2016 at 8:19 pm
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