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March Small Goals

Linking up for small goals with Nicole from writes like a girl. Another month of goals to tackle, but before we get into this month’s goals let’s revisit February.

Revisiting February Small Goals

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t do so hot this month. It was a very in-between month for me when it came to all of my small goals. I wrote them down, saw them daily, but my energy level was shot by the time I would make the effort on a few of them. A lot of them are still in progress and I’ve made the decision that maybe they don’t really need to be a small goal. That’s the real beauty of small goals, it helps with gauging what you can actually achieve in that month’s time.

Refine budget for the next 6 months In Progress

We are just going to call this a rolling goal. There really hasn’t been any way to plan out our budget for the next 6 months due to baby expenses. They are inevitable and constant these days. Between medical bills and prepping for baby’s arrival, I think this goal will be better for later in the year. We’ll revisit in June or July!

Paint nursery COMPLETED and set up crib In Progress

The nursery is painted and it looks amazing. If you’re following me on Instagram, you were able to sneak a little peek of all the hard work David put into this project. As for the crib, we’ve been so busy we haven’t been able to swing by to grab it from my in-law’s house.

Make baby shower guest list COMPLETED

I cannot believe that I was able to come up with this list, but I did it. I’ll be honest and say this was one of the hardest goals on my list. Why? Honestly, it was the stress of just knowing who is truly important compared to those that I wish I could invite, but it just didn’t feel right in my heart. I value you and cherish a lot of people, but this event is for those that have gone above and beyond over the last 4 years of my life.

Finish creating new media kit INCOMPLETE and order blog brand cards In Progress

I did look at my media kit but had NO MOTIVATION to even think about completing it. I can’t seem to settle on a design/aesthetic to match my blog. As for the blog brand cards, they are designed! I haven’t ordered them yet because 1) I’m not going to any events anytime soon and 2) baby takes priority these days.

Plan out Instagram photos ahead of time INCOMPLETE

Yeah, this was an absolute disaster. If I get one picture on Instagram a week, I’m in good shape.

March Small Goals

Plan blog posts for next 3 months

I’ve already started game planning topics for the next three months to get ahead. My system has included a separate Google document for each month and brainstorm all of my topics ahead of time. So far March is complete and I have designated dates to crank out writing on each of the topics at hand. By the end of March, I would like to have topics generated for April, May, and June.

Spring cleaning of bedroom, craft room, and nursery

March brings around weeks 27 – 30 of pregnancy, so I think I’m finally getting ready to hit that nesting stage. I’m ready to start getting this house it tip top shape for our little girl. Breaking the house into smaller more manageable portions to work on cleaning was the smartest idea. It’s taking everything in my power to not start moving furniture and rearranging the entire house. I’m starting with our bedroom, craft room, and nursery because we have the most work to do in those rooms.

Finish baby registries

With the under 50 days until our baby shower, we have two registries that we need to finish. I’m working on plans to hit up Target with David this weekend to finish our registry in store. As for our Buy Buy Baby registry, Hunny and I are going to attempt to take another stab at that one. This time, we are definitely going on a weekday!

Get crib and changing station set up

David is planning on picking up the crib because we need to sand and paint it. Once that’s complete, we’ll be able to set that up. As for the changing table, I finally found the perfect one and I think we are going to try and go look at in person this weekend. If it’s all we want it to be, then it’ll be the perfect addition to our baby girl’s nursery.

Sew baby blanket

I’ve had the wee lil unicorn’s baby blanket sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks now. All I need to do is sew it. I will finish this blanket by the end of this month.

Finish Charmed season 4

Don’t judge me. Charmed was one of my favorite shows and every season is on Netflix. How can a girl say no? I figured an episode a day this month would suffice and I’ve earned it.

What are you goals for this month? Leave one in the comments below!

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  • Reply Bri Marie

    Hi! Found you through Nicole’s blog and noticed our goals are overlapping – both of us are expecting a little one and working on the nursery, registry, etc.! Hope you tackle all of them this month – it makes the goals a little easier when they are also so fun 😉

    March 9, 2017 at 12:26 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      Bri! Thank you so much for stopping by! I didn’t realize how close this was all getting until I started putting together this month’s goals. I am definitely going to check out your blog right now!!!

      March 9, 2017 at 1:08 pm

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