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Reaching a New Milestone, A Look into the Downswing after 6 Months!

Today we are talking about the golden milestone. You know the simple moments that you realize, that you are much further along than when you saw the first positive.

We are in the downswing of this gig people! This baby girl is making her presence known and we are finally coping with our new reality. We took a prepared childbirth class over the weekend and I’m acknowledging that she’ll have to make an exit. I don’t think I’ll mind it too much, because then I can start working on getting my body back.

With the milestones of pregnancy, I have 5 that are silently telling me that we are deep in this. Real deep and there is no turning back!

Milestone 1 | Elastic is my best friend!

Whether it’s leggings, stretchy pants, or an empire waist on a shirt I’ve come to terms that elastic and I were meant to be. The little add of that give has been a lifesaver as my midsection continues to expand. Baby girl is growing nice and big, measuring ahead at every appointment. It helps that elastic anything is fairly easy to find and makes appointments so much easier to handle.

I strategically pull out all of my leggings and extra long shirts to accommodate for a full work week. The pull, stretch, and give of elastic allow me to feel free as the wee lil unicorn kicks her way through the day. Comfort is key and elastic is where its at!

Milestone 2 | We’ve learned how to count contractions….among other things….

We went and conquered our prepared childbirth class like champions. From learning how to count contractions to practicing laboring positions, David and I are ready to practice for the big show. If you are an expectant first time mommy, don’t wait until the last minute to take these classes. This was so beneficial in calming me down for what to expect these next few months.

The best nugget of information that I took away from the class is simply “there is no perfect recipe for labor.” They can prepare you all the tidbits your brain can take, but every labor and delivery is different. That alone was monumental because you get so caught up in a natural vs. medicated birth, when in all reality you need to listen to what your body is telling you.

In short, we are about as ready as one couple can get for the big show!

Milestone 3 | I can’t shave my legs alone anymore.

It’s official, I can’t shave my legs anymore. This would happen when the weather in Dallas has been perfection and all you want to do is wear shorts. Luckily, David stepped to the plate and has been helping me out.
I knew this day would come. I even mentioned to David a few times and he told me not to worry about it. Now that it has become reality, I’m so thankful that David is meticulous with his own shaving routine. He has been so gentle in dealing with my nerves each time the razor gets close to my legs.

I can happily report, no nicks!

Milestone 4 | We had to lower our bed….

You read that right. Getting out of bed was becoming quite the struggle, it actually felt like I was jumping out of an airplane. At times, David would even have to come around to my side and help hoist me out of the bed. Problem solved, temporarily. David lowered our bed, but now it may be a little too low. As she gets bigger and I pack on her extra weight, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hoist myself up out of the bed.

Where does that leave us? Attempting to figure out the perfect height for momma to get out of bed or I’ll be seeing a few nights on the couch for comfort. The struggle is so real.

Milestone 5 | The double digits are creeping in on us!

Today marks week 25. That’s 6 months and 1 week. The wee lil unicorn’s due date is June 8, 2017. If you’re still with me, that is in 104 days. By the end of this weekend, we’ll be in double digits of meeting this little one! All the questions are starting to creep into my head. Who will she look like? Will she smile at David first? Can her nursery just be finished now?

Word on the street is these last three months are going to feel like an eternity. I’ve noted that and have made plans accordingly with David. It’ll be a long 3 months, but we’ll have quite the prize at the end of it!

Any advice you have for a soon to be mom for the last three months? Drop a comment below!

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  • Reply Kendra

    Everyone said the last trimester would seem to last forever, but we’ve been doing home upgrades and so busy with finishing everything before baby gets here it’s FLOWN by. Our childbirth class this weekend was so informative too, but man….those videos were a little too graphic. HAHAHA

    February 23, 2017 at 12:44 pm
  • Reply Joyce Newsome

    First of all I love reading your chronicles. No,that’s wrong. First of all I miss you, 2nd I enjoy the reading.
    You are really making me work hard girl. My brain hurts!
    What was it like when I didn’t have any other kids? Hmmmm. Well I spent the last several weeks confined to bed so passing the time was challenging. Let me count the ways you can lay in bed reading? Millennials may have a hard time with this one. Lol. No Kindle, No phone or tablet to read from, old fashioned real books. How many ways can I read/write in bed shuffling baby tummy around? Oh my. If you are working,have a computer, tablet, cell phone, etc. This should be a walk in the park. You got this girl. Making me laugh thinking of all the times I went through this! Hugs.

    February 23, 2017 at 2:43 pm
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