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Misconceptions of Millennials – Millennial Real Talk, Part 1

Writing about being a millennial is kinda my thing, seeing as I am a millennial. Over the last few months, I’ve been brainstorming quite a few topics that I’ve wanted to talk about regarding millennials. Well, the time has arrived! We’re kicking this off with the misconceptions of millennials because they exist.

Before we can really start talking about the misconceptions, we need to understand what millennials are defined as.

Millennial, a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. (Source)

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. (Source)

Wow. Did you read that correctly? I am trying to wrap my head around that age gap. “Demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.” If you ask me, that is too wide of a gap for one cohort which had led to a lot of confusion on a true millennial. I try to be as non-judgemental as possible, but a huge difference does exist between individuals born after 1994.

In my own opinion, a lot of misconceptions stem from those younger millennials and the way millennials as a whole were raised. I’m going to take a look at just a few misconceptions that really make my skin crawl in regards to millennials.

Misconceptions of Millennials #1 – Overly self-confidence is seen as a negative.

If there is one misconception, I cannot stand its when people label millennials as overly self-confident. This further goes into our need to find the next bigger better thing. I’ll blame this one on my dad. He always told me to never settle for less than I am worth. If that means I’m overly self-confident than so be it. Millennials catch a lot of hardships because of our job history being so short, we don’t stay at companies for the long run. We see that as knowing our worth. We take the bull by the horns and shoot for the stars. If we see a position that we know that we are qualified for, we go for it.

Same goes for the relationships in our lives. We don’t settle for the first nice person who treats us right. We want a companionship that not only completes us but complements our strengths. So what if millennials are waiting a little longer to get married and have kids. We know what we want and how we are going to achieve it.

Misconceptions of Millennials #2 – Are seeking consistent praise.

We didn’t ask for participation ribbons or certificates. They were given to us. Also, I worked hard to be the absolute best because I enjoyed being at the top. There is something about proving to people that you are more than capable satisfying. If that warranted praise from individuals who saw my talent and hard work, so be it.

A vast majority of millennials do not go out seeking praise for a job well done. Our work habits stem from the sheer fact that we are trying to get ahead. Our student loan debt and cost of living are much higher than the cohort before us. In order to work our way out of these circumstances, we have to work 2-3 times harder than ever. If someone acknowledges that work and we thank them, it’s not seeking anything. We are here and willing to get the job done.

Misconceptions of Millennials #3 – All The Same

Let’s bring this full circle from the very beginning with the age gap that millennials are in. We are not all the same. You cannot label or stuff all millennials into one box. It’s just not feasible at the end of the day. Millennials come in a facet of different personalities and traits that make us unique. So we deserve just a little credit for breaking boundaries and creating our own paths.

Are you a millennial? Interact with millennials? What misconceptions have you come across with millennials? Let’s chat, leave a comment!

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