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Mommyhood Imminent: This is 40 weeks of Pregnancy

Today marks 40 weeks of pregnancy and mommyhood is imminent. Did you read that? MOMMYHOOD IMMINENT. Like I’m going to be a mommy to a baby. An actual child that I’m in charge of teaching all of life’s valuable lessons.

Looking back on this journey, I’m very proud of my transparency and openness. This hasn’t been easy and there are days when it hasn’t been pretty. With the countdown to baby coming to a fast and furious end, I decided to share my favorite mommyhood posts from these last 40 weeks. These are the posts that really resonated with me and really help push forward the narrative that “hey, things don’t have to be perfect.”

Mommyhood Imminent Favorite 1 – I’m Pregnant?

This was the moment that I was really truthful on my pregnancy experience and the toll it took on me. I had to be honest and open with the fact that pregnancy didn’t start out at its finest for me.

Standout Moment

I frantically typed “I need you to get another pregnancy test. Not the ones with a plus sign or two lines. I need one that writes PREGNANT out to me.” With a simple smiley emoji, David knew that by the time I arrived home he needed to have that test at the house.

Mommyhood Imminent Favorite 2 – Sevi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad OB/GYN Experience

Things got real here, too real. After the trials and tribulations of our doctor issues, hearing our baby’s heartbeat was the icing on the cake.

Standout Moment

“Then he dropped a question that David and I weren’t expecting, “do you want to hear your baby’s heartbeat?” We both looked at each other and I managed to stammer out “isn’t it a little early for that?”

A brief second later, a consistent and strong thumping echoed throughout the room. David kissed my forehead as we listened to the gentle fast paced strumming of our little one’s heartbeat. For the first time, this started to become a reality for me.”

Mommyhood Imminent Favorite 3 – Pregnancy Emotions, Navigating Life in a Fragile Emotional State 

This is when I finally hit a point where I just couldn’t anymore. I had the biggest realization that my body was doing some serious work and my emotions couldn’t keep up with that work.

Standout Moment

Pregnancy emotions are the absolute worst.

Mommyhood Imminent Favorite 4 – Privacy for Our Daughter: Exercising a Parental Right

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and this was my moment. I was at a breaking point when I wrote this blog post and rightfully so. My entire sharing experience quickly became a race to “we can’t wait for you to post pictures.” These decisions I made to keep our sweet girl away from the spotlight has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Standout Moment

Opening up on the journey has been an experience, but as the time dwindles away I can’t help my feelings. The intense need to protect and cherish her has come back. Everything else in my life is so open for public consumption, it really draws me to keep her protected from it.

I want to enjoy the simple moments of becoming a mom and bonding with her outside of the public eye. Simply put, once she arrives David and I have made the decision not to instantly share any photos of her online. We are reserving the right to allow our closest friends and family who have been a part of our journey to celebrate her.

Mommyhood Imminent Favorite 5 – All About That Birth Plan, Handy Tips for New Moms 

Creating my birth plan was the smartest and most satisfying part of this pregnancy. I love planning and writing things out. Being able to share these tips with new moms like myself was huge, because I was under the impression that I would show up and just have a baby. This was also a point where I started to realize that asking for help was extremely important.

Standout Moment

As a soon to be new mom, I’ve had to humble myself and just remember that at this point in my life it’s ok to ask for help. Typically before this journey, I wasn’t really the type of person to ask others for help. I’m the person who drops everything to help others. With the end of pregnancy looming, you learn that you quickly can’t attempt to do everything you use to do.

And now we just wait for the next chapter of mommyhood to start when the little girl arrives. We’ve waited this long to meet our wee lil unicorn and I’m looking forward to sharing all of the sweet and stressful moments ahead of us.

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