Monday Hangover

Monday Hangover | Dallas Living

Last week was mind blowing and I’m still trying to gather my bearings after putting myself out there. I still need to go back and respond to some comments from Broken Black Woman, but all in all it allowed me to use my voice in a way that I’ve been slowly reaching the point to do. I spent a lot of last week attempting to educate/enlighten people to how important it is to look at things from a point of view that you may never see. While it didn’t work on all home fronts, I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t bring everyone around.

All of the emotions from last week, just made for a weekend of just being myself. Oh and you better believe that I was myself!

I received a very interesting invite to an Absolut Nights party and decided that I needed to make this an S&M show evening. Pre weekend was underway on Thursday night as we piled into an Uber and head to an open bar of Absolut Vodka and DJ Samantha Ronson. I won’t lie, I’m glad M attended with me – she always has a way of making the evening worth it (and game planning an escape plan).

It was fun – but Solange still takes the cake on DJing the night away.

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Friday was pretty laid back after a short day at work, followed by a much needed date night with my favorite guy. We went and saw Jurassic World. There were tears people, real tears. Jurassic Park will forever be in my top 5 of greatest movies of all time. This is the sequel we have all been waiting for. Unfortunately, I cannot write an entire blog post about this without giving away spoilers – but Valery did a great post on why you should’ve seen it about 3 times by now.
After a late night, Saturday was all about the man and I. We enjoyed a full day together and if you are curious as to how I’m documenting our outings – follow me on Zomato.

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Formerly known as UrbanSpoon, I’m slowly trying to become an expert aka CONNOISSEUR. David and I documented a quick brunch and some other stops we made along our foodie journey this weekend! Along the way, we stopped at one of our favorite places – Joy Macarons. It’s kind of crazy how much David and I love the sweet treats and the awesome staff. Kirk and Bri have been staples on quite a few of our trips to Joy Macarons and they bring just that to every trip – JOY! Besides learning that Kirk and Bri just had a wedding that David and I barely missed being invited to – Kirk is a crazy talented local musician.
After some instagram stalking, I purchased his single on iTunes. Ummm, obsessed! Like buy it now. Please, do me solid and buy it now!
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Don’t mind me as I listen to this song all week long. If any of my Dallas peeps are interested, I’m planning on going to his next gig on June 27th in Oak Cliff. Let me know if you want to hit it up with me (David will be at work, so I need a partner in crime).
I rounded out the weekend with my favorite ladies and one of the best times of the month #DiversityChic! That’s right people, Diversity Chic shot this weekend and will be on the blog later this week.
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And we are back to our regular schedule!
It’s Monday, you know what time it is!
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