My Inner Athlete

Deep down inside there is this inner athlete screaming to get out. You see, I use to play volleyball all the time. Then I decided that it would be smart to run a half marathon. Occasionally I would allow myself to enjoy other organized team sports (softball and kickball). Now, I’ve been practicing my drinking and Netflix skills like a champ.

The irrational Sevi keeps explaining that popping corks from wine bottles and pouring the industrial size bottle of Deep Eddy’s Sweet Tea Vodka is a proper workout.

The rational Sevi has drawn an entire eating and workout plan, that appeals to the inner athlete in the best of ways.

Do you see the dilemma here? How and where do I find this healthy balance of Netflix and working out?

It all started by taking that leap of faith and getting off of my couch. Last night, I was fortunate to attend an intense Zumba class hosted by Berty from Mad Fashion For Less. There was a point yesterday when I wish I would’ve filled my water bottle up with vodka and lemon slices. There was also the fact that I put my tennis shoes on about an hour and a half before the damn class started. I had to put myself into the mind that I wouldn’t die because who knows when the last time I used my asthma inhaler.

I can proudly proclaim that I finished the entire hour (with minimal complaining) without dying. See, I’m alive enough to type this out. Berty was fantastic and her class was high energy/impact. All of her regulars were definitely there for the right reasons and after we kicked straight into a intense warm-up I knew why. Berty has an aura to make sure that you work every muscle in your body and have fun doing it.

Zumba Fun


I’m feeling the pain in my arms, core, and booty – also, drinking lots of water to balance that. What makes that work even better is that I would totally be game to do it again. So here you go inner athlete, prepare yourself for a damn good burn!

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