My Natural Hair Movement (& Struggle) Session 2

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If you are just joining, go ahead and check out session 1 of my natural hair movement (& struggle), here.

We began with the how the journey started and now it’s time to move forward with session 2, products and hair care.

Shifting the focus to the upkeep of my hair requires a brief explanation that what works for me, may not work for everyone else. Everyone has certain things that work better for them, that may not go over well for others. You’ll read more about this as this post goes on.

For my own sanity’s sake, I did not go through all of the products that I have tried to corral them for a picture. You will hear from women with natural hair (or as David would say any woman) that we become product junkies. Each and every new product that is catered to growing, moisturizing, and creating healthier hair becomes a must have in our beauty regime. During my hair journey, I am guilty of committing this crime. Product after product started to fill my bathroom as I searched for what worked well for my hair. From the cheapest to the most expensive products, I went through trial and errors phases that left battle scars and triumphant victories.

It doesn’t have to be this way and nor should it. For example, I’m allergic to almonds. No other type of nut, just almonds. That eliminates a number of products that are made for specializing in natural hair. Too many times during this journey, I have ended up with an itchy and flaky scalp due to allergic reactions from the dreaded sweet almond oil. What I am trying to convey is, always read what you are putting on your hair. If you don’t like the products over the counter, take a stab at making your own. I’m not expert on this, but I do plan on sharing a few experts that I have found. There are plenty of resources on the internet for woman on this journey and I am already working on an entire blog dedicated to those resources for anybody starting out to focus on.


Now for hair care….

After going through the pain and suffering of discovering the products that work best for my hair (apple cider vinegar, Cantu shampoo and conditioner, and coconut oil), I have embraced a strict regime for the summer months. You are probably asking why do I use these apple cider vinegar and coconut oil on my hair and that’s good, because its important to know. The apple cider vinegar is a great conditioner and works wonders for product build up on your scalp, while the coconut oil provides shine and moisture to your strands. The Cantu products are sulfate free, but I hope to one day ween myself off of those and create my own natural shampoo. In the mean time, the products have made me the happiest out of all the ones I’ve tried. Let’s talk about my hair care regime. It consists of the following:

  • Every 2-3 days (depending on work schedule) apple cider vinegar rinse of scalp, shampoo & condition, then seal the moisture in my hair with coconut oil – followed by two-strand twists pinned for easy upkeep.
  • One day a week is dedicated to a deep condition with a warming cap – apple cider vinegar rinse, shampoo & condition, deep condition on for 45 minutes to an hour with warming cap, and followed up by either a style if I am going out or two-strand twists pinned for easy upkeep.

It seems tedious to put so much work into hair, but for me it’s become a part of life. I enjoy running my hands through my thick luscious coils with pride that this is the healthiest my hair has been in years. Instead of spending a good 4 hours at a hair salon with the usual gossip and banter, I spent that time at home doing house work or sewing as my hair experiences a deep condition out of this world.

Hope you’ve enjoy this segment and see you for session 3!

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