My Natural Hair Movement (& Struggle) Session 3


Spring 2013

If you are just joining, go ahead and check out session 1 and 2 of my natural hair movement (& struggle), here & here.

A break was needed as I let my hair breath for a few days! That basically translates to me wearing my afro out, which is a bad idea with this Texas heat. Which brings me to my next topic of choice for this natural hair care sessions: protective styling. 

Today (and this summer) is all about protective styling the precious tresses of hair we are blessed with. When I first decided to go natural, I didn’t know the first thing about really taking care of my hair. I honestly thought it was just a wear it out and you are good to go. What a reality check that was to me!

Even though I ditched the perm and was protecting my hair from the harsh chemicals of being fried every 4-6 weeks, along with the constant running of a flat iron through it – I needed to manage protecting my hair from the natural elements.

Nourish, proper cleaning, and protection became my motto. Even with all of that, a girl likes to change things up and experiment. Which is where protective styling comes into play, but traveling this road can be very weary.


I have weave envy for those ladies that can keep their natural hair wrapped up under a weave for weeks and months on end. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had a weave on my head and none of those times have lasted more than 3 weeks. Weaves are wonderful, because your natural hair is away from the elements and you have the freedom to style your hair however you want it. The key component is making sure you keep your natural hair nourished with lots of moisture and take the time to not wash the weave but also your natural hair.

Braids/Twists with Extensions

A variety of different options are out there when it comes to braids and extensions. It took some encouragement for me to take this leap, but I’ve had experience with two different types of protective styling of this type. While it is convenient, the same motto applies – keep your natural hair nourished with moisture and a proper cleaning of your scalp is required. Braids/twists are awesome because you are afforded that long hair look, while protecting your natural hair. The difficult part about this style, for me, is that I instantly missed my afro a week in. Like I couldn’t get over myself how badly I wanted my afro back. Money well spent, needs to be money well earned (unless you can braid and twists your own hair….then you’re lucky)!

Natural Hair Twists

The perk to having natural hair is you have the option to try a variety of different styles. Over the years, I’ve done a number of different things as my hair has grown out which has helped me decide what I like best. The two-strand twists are my go-to style and I absolutely love pinning them up on my head. They are easy to do while watching TV and wrapping up at night. The variations of twists are always expanding – with a quick search on the internet, a new style can be your next project. Plus, you can always easily wear them down and loose! During the summer, I keep a spray bottle of moisturizer on hand to keep them looking fresh.


Hope you’ve enjoy this segment and see you for session 4!

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