national (scar your liver for life) margarita day.

My friends and I will find any excuse to party, I mean drink. Any excuse – we are not above it. 

As the name of my blog shows off the little care that I have for my liver, I am very excited for the sheer fact that my friends know all the useless days of the year to celebrate.

Due to my demanding work schedule, I had to miss Party Gras on Fat Tuesday. Devastated was a huge underestimate to how I was feeling seeing all the fun Instagram photos of the fun.

Cue: National Margarita Day 2013


This is legit. Our reservations are set for Agave Azul, a Tequila Bar. We have a track record of shutting the place down. Basically, it comes down to me stumbling to the car as WareBear mumbles under his breath that I’m getting too old for this.

My liver is frightened.

This night could end up a number of different ways:

1)  I’ll have my two margarita limit – call it a night and enjoy the company of my friends.

2) I’ll eat my weight in chips to justify having margaritas 3 and 4, knowing that I will regret it the next day.

3) After margarita 4, my friends and I will convince ourselves that we need to go to McFadden’s and relive our high school memories.

4) WareBear will stop me from making a fool of myself.

After tonight, my dignity may not be fully intact. It never is after Agave Azul . My track record with this tequila bar is just horrid and it doesn’t help that its only a mile and a half away from my house. To add to the horrible allure of Agave Azul, the man doesn’t really enjoy margaritas which means I have to double up to make up for his lack of drinking. Ok, that last part was clearly over-exaggerated – but really?!?! how can one not love a good frozen margarita?!?!

On the bright side, at least I have a big breakfast planned for Saturday morning.

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