5 Lessons for New Moms to Navigate Baby Registries

About 11 years ago, I was the glowing bubbly face behind the Babies R Us registry table. A typical day included greeting and congratulating new (and returning) moms while equipping them with all the tools they needed to prepare for their new baby on the way. It was a job. I’m good with people. The paycheck helped me pay for all my expenses outside of school. If you would’ve asked 19-20-year-old Sevi if she would ever be registering at any of those stores, the answer would be a resounding NO.

baby expecting mother parking

Well, I conquered an irrational fear this weekend. The wee lil unicorn’s Hunny and I stepped into Buy Buy Baby ready to scan for all the goodies for this baby. Boy did we get a reality check! I’ve got 5 lessons for new moms when tackling the daunting baby registry.

Don’t go on a Saturday afternoon

Avoid going on a Saturday afternoon! If you can strategically plan to go during an evening on the weekday. Or if you can swing it, be the first people in the store on a Saturday morning. This should have been the first thing I remembered from my time as that sweet face all those years ago.

Hunny and I fueled up with some delicious lunch and headed to Buy Buy Baby. We arrived at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon. This was otherwise known as prime time in baby registry terms because EVERYONE was in this store. We managed to get registered and made our way into the store.

Make sure you have backup for your baby registry

It’s so important to have one person to be an extra set of hands and eyes throughout the registering process. Select an individual to join you to share ideas, become giddy over baby items, and be reliable to keep you on track is critical.

baby hunny grandma

As we started going through the nifty checklist they provided, I was so incredibly thankful that I had wee lil unicorn’s Hunny Clarie with me. With her manning the scanner and my nifty checklist skills, we made an excellent team. Little did we know how much we would end up relying on each other with all the different brands, models, and features on so many of the items we were registering for. She also was my saving grace when the tank was sputtering on empty.

Say YES to the water, you and baby need it!

If they offer you water before you head out into the store, TAKE IT. Walking around and scanning items is a workout that drains you. Trust me when I say, take the water.

We managed to walk through half of the store before calling it a day. It wasn’t until I got home after indulging on a strawberry milkshake when I realized how thirsty I was. I drank about 4 cups of ice cold water before getting relief. That’s when I finally came to the conclusion that I had gone a solid 3 hours without drinking anything while registering.

If offered, take the water!

It won’t happen all in one day

No matter how much scanning you do, you won’t get it complete in a day. The beauty of registries is that you can easily 1) go back to the store to complete it and 2) finish your registry online.

By the time we made it to the cribs and gliders, Hunny knew that this momma was out of it. I sat down in the glider that I wanted her to scan and quickly realized getting up was a struggle. At that moment, we knew it was time to call it a day. We only made it through half of the store and had no idea how many items we had scanned. After reviewing our progress, we scanned 128 items and that only accounted for about 30% of the “recommended” items for a complete registry in just 3 hours.

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to get it all finished in one day. You’ll have plenty of time to go back and finish it all up.

Be prepared to purchase at least one baby item!

Here’s the thing, you’ll want to buy at least ONE thing for that sweet bundle of joy of yours. With all of the different items you’re going to have to resist, it’s ok to just buy one thing that you know doesn’t need to be on your registry.

Hunny and I both ended up picking up something – a stuffed animal and the cutest pair of pink shoes. It was nice to be leaving with just a little something for the wee lil unicorn. After 3 hours of hard work, we enjoyed spoiling the little one.

Any tips you can add for our second round of registering? Leave them in the comments!

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  • Reply Patricia

    So true, don’t go to the stores to register on a Saturday afternoon. While registering, start looking at out fits for you and your bsby to wear bring your baby home in. Those are the first photos that you and your baby will have that are not in the hospital gown and receiving blanket….

    January 27, 2017 at 3:27 pm
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