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Nursery Dream Come True, Crafting a Perfect Escape for Parenthood

Ever since we found out that we were expecting, the first thing that went through my head was “I get to redecorate our second bedroom.” I won’t lie, I didn’t care that it was becoming a nursery. Personally, I knew that I was going to get exactly what I wanted and it would be the perfect oasis and escape. In reality, I’m going to be spending most of my time in there and I deserve to be happy.

I know what you’re thinking. Spoiled, horrible, terrible, no good wife over here, but stick with me. I’ve been growing a tiny human. The least my loving husband can do is accommodate for the space that said tiny human will come to live in. He did and with minimal complaining along the way. Poor guy had to deal with a very difficult and cranky pregnant wife long the way, but he made the nursery dream come true.

With all of that, I’m thrilled to share our my process and final product for our wee lil unicorn’s nursery!

Nursery Inspiration

Before we knew that we were having a boy or girl, I focused on three simple mantras I wanted from this room.

Peace. Sanctuary. Escape.

In essence, I was looking for a peaceful sanctuary that I could escape from the real world. A small section of our home that would become a safe haven for our family, but most importantly our sweet babe. After some serious brainstorming, I finally pieced together the concept.

It’s important in the process to not allow the small details irk you in the beginning. Our concept was born with colors – soft minty green and a black and white accent wall. Once the colors were selected, a focal point to tie the entire room together centered on succulents.

Nursery Inspiration

A refreshing and tranquil oasis of plants that would be welcoming to our oasis. The theme of our room easily evolved into love, growth, and most importantly tranquility.

Nursery Essentials

The essentials are key. I identified 10 things that I needed to have in place before our wee lil unicorn arrived in her nursery. So what if she won’t be actively sleeping in there the first few months. This is just a simple list of the main things I had to have in our nursery. You can find these all over Pinterest, but these 10 things were my must-haves for my sanity.

Nursery Essentials

These must haves were things that I knew needed to be in place before baby girl arrived. Can I please tell you that they’ve been lifesavers in helping me get my life together? Identify those 10 items you can’t live without and make it happen for you!

Nursery Dream Come True

Now to the fun part, sharing all of the hard work at its finest. Everything came together beautifully and we could not be happier with the room.

It’s peaceful, serene, and the perfect space to raise our little girl. All of her real succulents are on display and so many personal touches from close friends to bring life to the room.

Since these pictures, we’ve made a few updates to the room. Make sure you’re following Simply Sevi on Facebook to see more pictures of our perfect escape.

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    I loooooove how peaceful her room is! Can I come over when I get stressed from packing?!

    May 18, 2017 at 12:04 pm
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