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Oh Baby Girl – 8 Weeks Left, Yet Another Milestone Reached!

We are just 55 days away (give or take) from meeting our baby girl. It’s crazy, exciting, and surreal all wrapped in one. Since this week has been a real drag (more on that tomorrow), I’m keeping this Simply Mommy Chronicles short and sweet.

8 Quick Hits on our Baby Girl, Mommy, and Daddy

  1. Baby Girl is HEAD DOWN – yup! After dealing with a frank breech baby and the worry that she may not be able to turn, she did it. Let’s give this baby girl a huge round of applause!
  2. Daddy has put in some serious work. The crib is ready for paint and the first few coats of primer are on. The finish line is so near.
  3. Mommy cleared her side of the bedroom to prepare for the perfect little sleeping space for the #weelilunicorn.
  4. We are fairly sure that the little one knows her name! We’ve been playing the song that inspired us to go with it and she moves around so much to the sweet melody.
  5. Our baby shower AND maternity photos are 8 days away! Both mommy and daddy are super excited to see what her godmother and Hunny have pulled together. We are even more thrilled to have her Auntie Stephanie capture this precious moment in our journey to parenthood.
  6. Mommy received the sweet gift from her sweet friends Tiffany and James to finish out this last trimester and kick off the postpartum experience. It was a thoughtful gift of items that new moms would definitely benefit from.
  7. The blanket for her crib arrived and mommy is completely in love with it. Lots of black and white trending throughout baby girl’s entire room. Just a slice of perfection!
  8. Daddy has been experiencing some of the best moments with the baby girl. She loves to twirl and kick whenever she hears his voice.

Want to see baby girl?!?

How about those fast 8 about baby girl Ware, mommy, and daddy? Whew, glad that is out of the way.

I know that last week we talked about privacy as a parent, but I figured I would share this sneak peek of our sweet baby girl. It’s too cute not to share! I’ve watched it about 30 times now because her lips, cheeks, and nose are just too adorable not to display to the world.

Maybe it’ll hold you over until she actually arrives and we share her sweet face with the world.

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