Ohhhhhh, baste it!!!! Baste it reallllll good!! Part Dos


Sewing room twerk session!

Amidst the day two whirlwind, Gidget and I did managed to make our way back home to start our next projects. She made the cutest reusable paper towels and I made another burlap tote – this one for my baby sister and her two boys.

We also got a little sidetracked with our Miley Cyrus twerk team moves. Twerking in a sewing room while delirious from a full day of running around, leads to endless amounts of laughing and a onesie being pulled out to mimic MC’s twerk video. Always a good time when we are with each other! After those simple projects, we called it a night and just chilled out at the house.


Quilt done in about 36 hours. BOSS STATUS!

On Saturday and Sunday (day 3&4), we took some time to stay at home and start/finish our quilts. Gidget made the cutest freaking giant star quilt, but I’ll let her share details of that on her blog.

I did a chevron quilt in about 36 hours. Yes, you read that right. I cut, pieced, basted, quilted, and binded this full size quilt in just short of 2 days. It’s not the diamond quilt that I was going to make, but I am much more happy with the result. Each of the color chevrons are gingham prints and the back is a vintage Monticello sheet Gidget picked up and I had to buy at a local thrift store for $3. From this project, I can tell you that chevrons are a total mind trick! I definitely had to go through and rip a few seams to make sure that pieces were placed together straight and the image was making sense as I went along. The metallic binding adds quite a bit of flair to the whole piece!


Sunday Funday Dress Up!

After spending most of Sunday in our PJs – we managed to get out for a nice girl’s dinner and chit chat. It’s funny how much I missed the simplicity of being Gidget’s friend. It’s easy to just fall right back into place and understand each other so well. Dinner was hilarious and the night ended with us drinking our sorrows away to Breaking Dawn Part 2. If you are a Twilight fan, please skip to the next paragraph now – that movie was HORRID. I cannot believe that I wasted two hours of my life watching and am very fortunate that 1. we got it on RedBox and 2. had a whole bottle of wine to occupy us during our drink at every stupid moment of the movie (which ended up being the entire movie).

To recap yesterday, my last project – the maxi skirt – ended up as an abomination. After snagging breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts and a quick tour of MCAS Cherry Point – we headed back to the house for my miserable attempt at the maxi skirt. For a curvy woman like myself, I just need to stick to buying them in the stores. Gidget managed to crank out two dress in the past two days. I clearly know that clothing is not my calling. I will stick with my blankets, quilts, scarves, and all that other good stuff. For a weekend filled with crafting, with only one failed project – I’ll take it. That’s pretty impressive in my book. Like I said earlier, I’ll stick to buying my maxi skirt in stores.

After a long weekend of crafting, we finally set out to get ourselves a well-deserved and hard-earned drink at Beer Army. Gidget was living IMG_5295Guido’s dream and WareBear was beaming with pride as I texted him a picture of my Agave Wheat beer. With a weekend of eating so well, I finally caved and ordered a pepperoni pizza from Gina’s. Beer Army proudly displayed that they had menus available and Gina’s would deliver the pizza to you right there at the joint.

In order to grasp why this was bizarre and completely foreign to me – you have to understand the make-up of Beer Army. It’s not really just a pub. You see, you can actually go in there and buy a case of beer. It’s a beer store that has a small pub area with select beers on tap each day. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!? People come in during their lunch hours to have a beer! It’s like no place I’ve ever seen or been to in my life. A man was willing to let me drink out of his beer in order to get me to taste it. He even dared me to chug the rest of my beer for a free drink on him. Gidget said it best, “you don’t say FREE around Sevi!” Round 2 was on the owner’s dad. I left with most of my dignity, a free drink, and a full stomach of delicious pizza from Gina’s.

Today, I’m heading back home to Dallas. Leaving is always bittersweet, because honestly I wish TBF all lived on the same block. It would make life so much easier if we did. This vacation was nice and Gidget was the most gracious hostess who opened her home to me and showed me a good time. I was really able to relax and escape away from my every day life. She gave me a slice of home away from home with freshly prepared meals and bomb snicker doodles. I was able to craft to my heart’s content and obtained some really neat techniques to help for future projects. Until next time, New Bern. Until next time!

I head back home now to a loving husband and new addition to my sister’s beautiful life. Count your blessings and never take life for granted.

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