Reducing Pregnancy Stress, Why and How it’s Important

Valentine’s Day is today and it’s been the last thing on my mind. You see I have been suffering from pregnancy stress. Yes, it is real and it is not easy to deal with. Thankfully my sweet husband has been more than attentive to my needs over these past 5 months. He has assured me that Valentine’s Day should be the least of my worries. This has been a huge relief considering where my mind has wandered during this pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stress is a reality

To put things into perspective, stress has never really been a focal point of my lifestyle. Crazy I know and have heard numerous times. I’ve always managed to find a way to redirect that stress in a positive manner.

Pregnancy stress brings along a different set of problems and you quickly have to learn how to navigate those issues. Not only do you have to navigate these issues for yourself, but your sweet baby. Pregnancy stress is a different beast that can easily consume you. The reality is that with pregnancy stress, you are facing a new trial of tribulations that you aren’t always use to.

Why pregnancy stress exists

Pregnancy brings along a new set of emotions, hormonal & body changes, and responsibilities as you begin to embrace the future ahead. Your feelings are heightened and issues that typically would not bother you, instantly take over your life. Pregnancy stress exists to remind us that we are human. We are allowed to worry about the big and small things that we are about to embark on. Bringing a child into this world is a blessing, but let’s be real it’s not some fairytale situation you see in the movies.

You are facing an insurmountable amount of worries from the birth of your baby, maternity/paternity leave, day care, and much more. The stress mounting from all the additional decisions are inevitable, it’s how you manage it that truly matters.

Overcoming pregnancy stress

As I stated above, stress was never really a focal point in my lifestyle prior to pregnancy. It’s always been something I’ve been able to redirect. Pregnancy stress has been a different matter. I have had to think strategically about how to best manage the stress on myself so that it would transfer over to our sweet girl.

How have I been able to overcome pregnancy stress?

It’s been quite simple – by implementing a few key activities that really make me happy and set my mind free from focusing on negativity.

  • Journaling – I journal everything pregnancy related down. From questions, concerns, and highlights it all goes on paper and I forget about it. Once it’s written, that’s my sign that it’s no longer in my control. Typically after journaling, I allow myself 10-15 minutes to reflect and detox myself from everything I just wrote down. It’s been a tremendous practice!
  • Working Out – The gym is my happy place and without fail, I know my Kaia sisters will make any stress go away. A good workout takes all the stress off of my shoulders and I’m instantly in a better mood afterward.
  • Binge Watching – Talk about taking your mind off of everything. Binge-watching a show that you enjoy will definitely do just that. During pregnancy, you just have to let yourself do nothing every once in awhile. My show of choice is Charmed and it’s been a refreshing return to my middle and high school days.

Balancing out your pregnancy stress with relaxing activities that aide to your happiness is the key. Any tips you have for a soon to be mom to reduce pregnancy stress? Leave them in the comments!

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