Reunion Tower, The View from Above

Dallas is home.

It’s where I live, work, and play. It’s the city I’ve known and loved since my parents decided to make this the home they wanted to raise a sweet baby girl at 29 years ago. Nothing makes me happier than being a proud Dallasite.

Imagine my excitement when I was afforded a very special behind the scenes look at the city I simply adore from a vantage point that leaves you breathless. Being a born and bred Dallasite, you would think that Reunion Tower would be the first place the I direct people to visit when they are in town. Unfortunately, I have failed this city (if you get the reference, I will love you forever) and tend to overlook the fact that this amazing attraction is here to experience.

Standing at a staggering 560 feet tall, Reunion Tower may be the 15th tallest building in Dallas – but I can guarantee you one of the most breathtaking views of Dallas, Texas.

The adventure started before I even took the elevator ride up to the iconic ball with a green screen and a quick snapshot. I love a good picture, so I grabbed my props and posed for the camera!


You can scan your receipt upon arriving at the top of Reunion Tower at a kiosk. This will allow you to send your picture via email or share to all of your social media accounts.

After the quick snap, the 68 second ride to the ball was filled with interesting facts in regards to Reunion Tower. I’ll be honest, I was too busy looking out of the windows as we ascended than paying attention. Upon stepping onto the GeO-Deck, you are immersed in a spectacular bird’s eye view of Dallas and a state of the art technology for an interactive aspect catering to all ages.

The touch screen technology showcases Dallas on a brand new level with history, live stream views of the city, an opportunity to create your own Reunion Tower light show, and so much more. Those features alone easily can be an entire visit on their own with all of the things you can do at the swipe of your finger tips. As curious as I was to experience the history of Dallas and create my own light show, I was all about experiencing the city higher than ever!

With 259 custom LED light fixtures at the instruction of the aluminum struts that form the dome, Reunion Tower is always shining bright over Texas. As you step out onto the GeO-Deck and walk around in the breezy walkway, you are experiencing a view of Dallas I guarantee you won’t get anywhere else. It’s an up close and personal look at every aspect of the city of Dallas. From the various highways taking residents to and from the heart of the city, construction of new and noteworthy attractions, and the remaining landmarks that pepper the Dallas skyline – it’s surreal knowing that you are viewing the city from the MOST iconic landmark of the skyline.


While on the breezeway and admiring the city, you really get an understanding on why Reunion Tower is the attraction it is. So I’ve got three reasons why both locals and visitors of Dallas need to venture to experience all that is Reunion Tower.

1 |  Reunion Tower is the best start to really exploring Dallas. As an iconic part of the Dallas skyline, Reunion Tower is quintessential when you think of the city.

2 | What people don’t realize (including myself) is that you can experience Dallas both in and outside on the GeO-Deck of Reunion Tower. This gives you THE best vantage point of the city that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

3 | With nearly a proposal a day (I asked), Reunion Tower is the perfect place to pop the question for eager lovebirds. Already married – and possibly have kids – Reunion Tower has activities for all ages groups from families, couples, history buffs, or young professional who just needs to take a quick escape from the busy bustle of the city.

Make your plans and see this city from above, I promise you that it’s worth it.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Kris, Melody, Peyton, and Aja for making this a remarkable experience. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism as I soaked in the beautiful skyline of Dallas.

Hidden Gem of Dallas-Reunion Tower

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