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Risk Taking, Stepping out and breaking the mold, Millennial Real Talk, Part 3

It’s been a wild week, but I’m finally ready to close out this short series I started. I’m closing out the millennial real talk series with the notion that being bold and taking a risk every chance you get is critical. You see a lot is changing in our household and I’ve been all about it. Risk taking has been at the forefront of my mind. For millennials, I think risk taking is a huge factor in achieving much of what we do. I thought I would share a few tips on what I’m doing to go big or go home!

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Risk Taking Tip 1 – Open up to inspiration

It’s all around us! You just have to be open to embracing all of the inspiration that really touches you. Don’t halt the inspiration, take note of it. Do something productive with the nuggets that inspire you. Open yourself to any ideas, use your imagination, and be spontaneous!

Risk Taking Tip 2 – Go after your dreams

Lately, with the baby girl on the way, I’ve been mapping out the next 5 years of my life. Where do I see myself? What would I like to achieve? How do I want to chase after dreams that I have constantly pushed aside?

Instead of pushing dreams aside, it is better to take them straight on. Nobody wants to look back at their life and wish they would have taken the chance to dream big. Make an effort to really reflect and chase your dreams. The potential you have within yourself may surprise you.

Risk Taking Tip 3 – Never give up

This is basically a life tip for any and everyone to live by. When taking risks, you should never ever give up. Sometimes things aren’t going to turn out picture perfect. There will be ups and downs that you face, but giving up shouldn’t be your first instinct. There are so many lessons to learn from each and every risk. Don’t give up, go for it, and learn from whatever lesson is present in the moment.

Any tips that you would add? Leave them in the comments!

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