Roye Fiesta

I’m what you would call a professional wedding goer.

David and I had the pleasure of attending our sweet friend Kristi’s wedding to the talented and awesome Adam. Love makes me giddy, as much as I hate to admit it. There is something about a wedding that brings out the absolute girl in me, which I’m sure David loves (even though he makes jokes that I’m beautiful even when I’m pooping**).

We arrived to Thanksgiving Chapel in Downtown Dallas just before the rain started to fall and our minds were blown at how beautiful this place was.

stained glass - thanksgiving chapel

I couldn’t get over how stunning and intimate this union would truly be, as the couple requested that no pictures were taken during the ceremony. I loved and respected that so much, because all too often we get caught up in snagging the perfect picture instead of enjoying the moment.

As Kristi and Adam exchanged their vows, my heart swelled in seeing the sweet glances and laughs they shared with each other. It was truly a moment of perfection because for them, this was it. This was the moment that defined them as a couple. The joy and laughter of joining lives with the one person who centers you was apparent throughout the entire ceremony – we were all blessed to witness it.

After the ceremony, we headed out in the rain to the reception. This is where I shine!

I go. I dance. I conquer. I can take over a reception if you let me…luckily, I was surrounded by like minded people! This was hands down one of my top 5 wedding receptions I’ve ever been to. The music was amazing, the company was even better, and the couple made sure to get all of their mingling done earlier and never left the dance floor!

With selfie stick (club) in tow, the Roye fiesta was the place to be. Don’t believe me, check out these pictures….

royefirstdance 2 roye selfie 2 couplesselfie 2

Adam Happy Couple

Hands down, to anybody who plans to invite me to their wedding next – you’ve got big shoes to fill. This was a fiesta and I’m so happy that I was able to celebrate the start of an endless love.

Congratulations Kristi and Adam Roye!

**David totally told me this and mentioned I needed to find a way to add it in my blog. See we love each other in a special kind of weird way. Oh and you’re welcome David!

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