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Indigo LaRue is PISSED.

It has been too long since I have had a play date with Indigo LaRue. Remember when I made a few comments about Indigo LaRue hating me – it’s escalated.


If Indigo LaRue was a person – this is what he would be doing right now.
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Indigo basically is giving me a WTF look. It’s more like a ARE YOU &@(#&(& SERIOUS?!?

Remember those sweet words I expressed about my dear friend Indigo back in October:

So this is my rededication to our relationship. We’re long lost lovers and I need him. He completes me and I feel terrible that I’ve been neglecting him. What better way to start rebuilding this relationship than by blogging about it?!? I figured once I blogged about it, I’ve put it out on the internet and can’t take it back.

Well I made that little proclamation on October 3, I haven’t as much looked at my sweet friend. There were so many changes, events, and emotions to handle that I didn’t have much of a chance to even think of a project. If we (as Indigo and myself) were having a conversation, it would go something like this:

Sevi: I’m sorry. It never should’ve gotten to this point.

Indigo: *Blank Stare*

Sevi: Say something, anything. I’ve been the worst.

Indigo: *Blank Stare*

Sevi: You know this is getting a little ridiculous. I apologized and have realized that I am going to have to put in some work to earn your trust back.

Indigo: *Blank Stare*

Sevi: Why the hell am I having a conversation with an inanimate object?



I need a life. Scratch that. I need to start sewing again, because clearly I have reached a delusional state of denial.

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  • Reply Helene

    hahaha omg i love this. i love that gif. hilarious!

    November 20, 2013 at 9:25 am
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