Showered with Love, Blessings for Delilah Claire

Showered with Love

The infamous baby shower came full circle in the perfect way. Our baby shower was just over a week ago and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how magical the entire affair truly was. Never in a million years could I imagine such a perfect event to celebrate this unexpected bundle of joy. Her Hunny and godmother went above and beyond to assure that this little one and myself were showered with love.

It didn’t stop there! From her nana, aunt, and various play aunties she was showered with love and gifts galore. Honestly, it was amazing. I’ve feverishly been writing thank you notes for all of the amazing goodies we were showered in. I wanted to share just a few snapshots of this amazing experience that I will always cherish.

Overwhelmingly Showered – Organizing the Nursery

From our bassinet, infant car seat, convertible car seat, high chair, and so much more we are pretty much set for her first year of life. David and I had no idea how we would fit all of these essentials in her nursery. Believe it or not, we made it happen. Over the last week and a half, we have spent time cleaning and organizing. Washing baby clothing, deciding that closets need a new coat of paint, and rearranging furniture to make room for those last minute items that need a home. We were very lucky that we only ended up with duplicates of 2 items and the clothing range works perfectly for the next 18 months. Our recliner should arrive soon and we’ll be ready to add the last finishing touches to her safe space.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Simply Mommy Chronicles, I’m talking about all my emotions on becoming a mommy.

Photos by Stephanie Drenka and Katie Binford
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