Sleep is Overrated: Weekend Recap

“I looked like someone who’d had a night, and had a story to tell about it.” ― Morgan Matson

Basically sums up my entire weekend, which started last Wednesday. Yeah, my weekend started last Wednesday and I have a lot to recap. What better way to enthuse about my weekend than with snapshots!

We had a fantastic Bloggers Night Out for Dallas Blogger Collective courtesy of Pouf and MiniLuxe. We were treated to an entire evening of pampering with sweets and bubbly to boot. For the first time, I had my eyebrows threaded – game changer. I always witnessed those ridiculous people in the mall chasing me down to thread my eyebrows in the middle of the food court for all to see. This was an awesome experience and I would totally do it again. MiniLuxe definitely went above and beyond with the manicure service – your girl was fly afterwards.

Even after a late Wednesday evening, I knew that Thursday I would be pulling double duty with the going away of one of the sweetest guys I had the pleasure of meeting at the voyager. He is an avid reader of this blog and I seriously am going to be busting my tail to update this blog to make sure he is still connected with the lifestyle of his favorite vodka lover. Somehow I managed to make it to the DMA Junior Associates Mixer at Lab Art Texas! Of course, that was a tame precursor of the S&M show for all of Mia’s new friends she made. I don’t know why she let me join that group because I literally do not know how to act.

dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events

dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events

You can only imagine how I felt on Friday as I walked into work like a zombie. It was just a mess, but I kept it pretty low key on Friday evening with a quick date night with the man. We had dinner down in Bishop Arts at Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. while attempting to get macarons for National Macaron Day. This Dallas rain was not cool at all and squashed those plans. I dreamed of macarons, but alas I had a busy Saturday ahead of me.

I helped my blogger bestie, Valery,  with her wedding floral business – Brennan Floral Design – make magic happen for a bride. When I say, hustle – we hustled and everything turned out fantastic! After a full day of wedding prep, I was on the tail end of the weekend with Lindsay from The Wife In Training‘s birthday shenanigans. It was seriously a blast getting to see Lindsay and shower her in gifts (even though she insisted that we not gift her a thing). That was a perfect end to Saturday evening!

dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events

Just when I thought the weekend was all over, David surprised me with an awesome brunch at Max’s Wine Dive and then to Bishop Arts for Joy Macarons!

dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events

We got there right as Joy Macarons opened and enjoyed macaron ice cream sandwiches while chit chatting with Liz (the sweet owner and mastermind behind my favorite sweet treats).

My weekend ended on the highest and latest note with a 3 hour concert from the musical genius, Stevie Wonder. Biggest shoutout to my sweet blogger bestie Valery for making this happen because it was everything! Stevie Wonder is a true performer and kept me out way past my bed time. It was worth it to witness DJ Tick Tick Boom and a showstopping performance of Superstitious.

dallas - dallas bloggers - lifestyle - fashion - events

And that’s how you do a weekend….even if it means you are going to be a walking mess when you go to work on Monday.

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  • Reply Jordan

    You lead such an exciting life!! I loved spending two days with you this week! You make my lifeeee!

    March 23, 2015 at 9:24 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      It was the best week ever. I already miss your face! I cannot wait until we get to hang out again.

      March 28, 2015 at 11:40 pm
  • Reply Julian

    Hey Love!

    I look terrible in that picture, lol. But I had a great time and thank you and Mia for coming. I really appreciate it! And even more for my Dallas Print and King Skull Candle (which sits right next to my other skulls under my favorite voodoo poster from New Orleans)!

    I will continue to be an avid reader and I hope those macaroons were awesome!


    Taylor went to the Stevie Wonder concert, did you see her?

    Ciao love!


    March 24, 2015 at 5:28 pm
    • Reply Sevi Ware

      You look amazing and we had to say see you later to one of our favorites. I am so glad that you loved the gifts and I knew they would work perfectly.

      Please find the perfect macaron in Austin so that I can come and indulge. I didn’t see Taylor at the concert, but it was awesome!

      Miss you so much!!!!!

      March 29, 2015 at 12:24 am

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