Snow in Dallas!

Made ya look!

No actual snow in the Big D, but I did take my beautiful Cannondale Tango SL 2 – aka Snow.

Just a quick disclaimer, I name everything. My car (Clifford, he’s red), my bike (Snow), my sewing machines (Indigo LaRue and Marylin Kenmore), my husband (WareBear), my dogs (Little Foot, JoBro, and Leonidas), and the list goes on. It’s my way of just keeping life fresh and in perspective.

I digress.

Took Snow out to a new trail that WareBear swore I would love. WareBear is trying to be a mountain biking aficionado. Yours truly is just to make sure she actually stays on a bike and not end up with two knees again.

We arrived at the Harry Moss Park trail and luckily the bathrooms were open because I basically started binge drinking water this morning after Happy Hour last night with Kitty Kat. Happy Hour was a success and Kitty Kat totally made this week worth it – we have still yet to have our own twerk session, next time! WareBear protected the front lines as I popped squat in the men’s bathroom, because of a yellowjackets nest as big as my hand (I’m 5’10” and have huge hands). He even looked at it and said he wouldn’t dare attempt going past it (No shit, Sherlock).

IMG_6019After the potty break, we were off! WareBear usually over exaggerates a bit when he says I will love something or I find something that just pisses me off about it. All I can say is that he got it right. The beginning was a little difficult because I have this fear that I am going to go over my handle bars, but I managed it.

This trail was beautiful and I couldn’t help but stop and take pictures. The trail stewards for all the DORBA trails are volunteers and Howard goes above and beyond for this one. It was marked so well and provided enough bypass for us afraid to tackle some of the obstacles just yet.

We rode, we laughed, the smell of the trees was tantalizing, and the only thing that would’ve made it better is if it was 10-15 degrees cooler. I enjoyed just riding and being from behind my desk. I think WareBear was glad that I’m happy to be back on my bike again! It was a perfect start to what will be promising (John Mayer tomorrow)!


Sweat it out!

And to get your weekend started right, I am venturing out a bit.

This is my first time linking up with #backthatazzup Friday and how appropriate is it that my main squeeze releases Take Back the Night.

I wore yoga pants

It was meant to be.

Go grab it the single and start Friday off right!


Courtesy of Justin Timberlake’s Facebook Page

Happy Weekend People! Happy Weekend!

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