Mexico Social Media Preparedness 101

Mexico is today and I am on the plane right now!

Rejoice, my long awaited beach excursion is finally here! Of course, as a blogger and lover of social media – I had to fully prepare myself for the over-sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I owe it to my friends. I owe it to myself. I owe it to America. Ok, so I’m still on my Independence Day high, but you get the gist. I need to be sure that I document all 6 glorious days that I’ll be spending in paradise with you all. Here are my three methods to being social media prepared for Mexico!

Be Prepared1. I did my research and I did it well. Where and how could I stay connected without all of the international fees? Behold, the resort we are staying at has an app just for that. FREE CONNECTIVITY during my entire stay, anywhere on the resort. Talk about money! Downloaded that bad boy and now I’m ready to test it out!

belkinextendedbatterypack2. I wanted to avoid having to deal with lack of juice for my phone. For the 3 Day last year, I invested in a Belkin Extended Battery Life Case – best investment ever. Its packed and can easily help my iPhone last well into the night. Be prepared for an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter assault of sandy beaches and fruity drinks.

3. Three amazing guest bloggers are lined up to bring you laughs and keep you from feeling too depressed that I am gallivanting on the beach with a fruit cocktail in my hand. They are lovely and amazing in their own ways! So be nice! It’s always good to be prepared with people that will gladly take the helm of your blog for you. So make blogging friends and keep the old!

Here’s to Mexico! Here’s to drinks! Here’s to you!


Severina (said in a sexy Spanish accent)

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  • Reply Valery

    I’ve thought about buying one of those battery life cases…glad to hear they actually work! Have SO MUCH FUN on your trip!!! <3

    July 6, 2014 at 6:29 pm
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