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Summer Fashion Preview with Geek Glam

If you follow Ware is the Vodka?!? on Facebook, you were able to partake in my excitement over being selected as Stephanie from Geek Glam guest to attend the Summer Sizzle Fashion Preview at Grapevine Mills Mall.

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I mean who wouldn’t be excited about a fun night out on the town and with great company. About two months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie and jumped on the bandwagon of Geek Glam. It works! Imagine my excitement that I was able to get away from the house (packing and renovations) for a night. Stephanie is one of the sweetest people and makes every outfit she was look so carefree and chic. I cannot put into words how comforting it is to meet someone who is so down to earth and genuinely a good person.

Our night at the Grapevine Mills Mall Summer Sizzle Fashion Preview was definitely an experience for me. Growing up in the metroplex, I remember when Grapevine Mills Mall first opened and the fond memories that I’ve built over the years as stores and restaurants have come and gone. David and I are very familiar with the layout and can easily navigate the neighborhoods every year during Black Friday.

They have come a long way and are continuing their expansion efforts with new stores and renovations that will definitely continue to draw visitors in to shop even more.

We were greeted in a nice roped off area and delicious nom-noms from Cozymel’s. This was the perfect time for all of the bloggers to mingle and get to know one another. There is no person that I have met who is a stranger to me and that continued into Thursday evening. From Leah, Brianna, Denise, Mariko, and so many more were added to my daily reads! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly – it truly didn’t matter if you were a fashion blogger (which we know, I am not).

Even though I am not a fashion blogger, I can relate to them. Why? As as fashion blogger, I do believe that you have to like to shop and do so on a budget at times.  I do like to do is shop and definitely on a budget, so when we were ushered into Neiman Marcus Last Call for the fashion show on summer trends – I was all ears. I wanted to know what was in and where I could find it at an affordable cost, hence Neiman Marcus Last Call.

The models showcased the hottest trends for the upcoming summer season and it was great! The staff at Neiman Marcus Last Call were fantastic in answering the questions that were asked. When they let us go to shop around, they continued to be extremely helpful. The best part about shopping was being around the other bloggers, they were all positive about the clothing everyone was picking out. Stephanie was very helpful as we scoured different racks of clothing looking for items to purchase in Neiman Marcus Last Call and H&M. It’s always nice to shop with a friend, because they are the best person to get feedback from. She approved of my items and let me know that they all screamed SEVI.

This was my first experience with an event at Grapevine Mills Mall and I really hope that it won’t be my last.

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