Super Beyonce Bowl

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of Super Beyonce Porn Bowl Sunday in pictures and quotes.


How could I pass up this photo opportunity with Mickey?!

Dallas Rock ‘N’ Roll training update as of February 4, 2013 – my running buddies and I conquered 6.5 miles yesterday in about an hour and a half. It’s nice running with a group that motivates you to push yourself harder. The more I keep training, the more I realize that I can do this. I WILL DO THIS.

For the Super Beyonce Porn Bowl – we went to the Bachelorette Pad of Katie & Jennifer to enjoy the festivities. Here is a recap of the night:

WareBear: Do you think it would be ok if we took the 55 inch to their apartment?


Me: They should have a countdown to the Beyonce Concert…

Sunny: They do, it’s called the second quarter.


Me: There will be no speaking during the Beyonce Concert.

Derek: Yeah, or you’ll be moving to the left, to the left.

photo 3

And I die. Hilarious!


Jessica: We’re Beyonce and you all are like Michelle.


Jennifer: Charming Potato (Channing Tatum) has a restaurant.


Katie: I am pretty sure we are this close to getting a shot of Beyonce’s vagina.

Me: A little labia never killed anyone.


Grant: (During Apples to Apples) Wood Chippers – that’s a good one – it reminds me of Fargo.


Jessica: Grant are you in??

Grant: Dude I’m in so hard – I hate when girls ask me that. 

photo 4

Gidget says it best.

Have I reminded you how ridiculously hilarious my friends are? This cannot be made up. As to the porn reference – word on the street is that Beyonce’s performance was like a porn. As a very open minded and far from shy female, I have been privy to a porn or two in my life time. Curiosity killed the cat –  I want to live a long fulfilling life. To those who have referred to Beyonce’s performance as a porn, you are living a sheltered existence.

If you thought that was porn, stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.

If you thought that was porn, you shouldn’t be watching The Vampire Diaries.

If you thought that was a porn, what would Sex & The City be classified as??

If you thought that was a porn, never watch another PG-13 or R rated movie ever again in your life.

I’m serious, never. Don’t even think about it.

Beyonce showed up and rocked the house. She said it best – “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” This could be my defense because I have the biggest girl crush on Beyonce. WareBear knows this and also witnessed tears (actual tears) before due to my connection with her. For all of you haters, shade throwers, jealous need justification to make yourselves feel better because you know that Beyonce came and destroyed it people out there – you fuel that desire in her, that passion to keep going and becoming greater. We (her loyal beyhive) all thank you for it.

Dallas – July 6, 2013 I will be at the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour! Talk about an extravaganza that nobody will want to miss, it may be a live porn!


Courtesy of Beyonce | I Am Tumblr 

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