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Brene allowed us a week off from our eCourse for The Gifts of Imperfection and while that was nice, it was even better to dive right back in for week 4. With week 5 starting today, I really wanted to recap what week 4 provided me in the terms of discovering even more about myself.

During week 4, we had to come back from our off week with a vengeance by exploring our superpower and kryptonite. As I sat in bed with all of my art supplies laid around me, David realized the pondering that was going on as crayons were all over his side of the bed and in his lap. As we both listened to the video and Brene went over her superpower – without skipping a beat, David pointed mine out….perseverance.

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As I pondered, the definition of perseverance it started to sink in how perfect that word was in embodying my superpower. Everyone deals with a variety of different things in their life that make them who they are and define the type of parent, colleague, and friend they will be. Through my superpower of perseverance, I have learned not to take any moment in life for granted and to always be grateful for the simplest things you have. Some go without food every night, others may not have a job, and those are just to name a few – my perseverance stems from the fact that I am truly blessed with all that I have in my life. I may not have the fanciest car, own a house, or have tons of money in the bank – what I lack in those areas I make up for with ambition, an amazing support system, and the will to push forward each day.

Brene relates that every superpower comes with a kryptonite and David was kind enough to help me with that as well. I swear I need to stop doing these weekly guideposts with him around, because he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. My kryptonite is the fear of rejection. I know what you are thinking, everyone fears rejection. This is true, but I tend to conceal and bury this fear deep down which is why it was very important to allow myself to be open and honest on the subject. For an individual as ambitious and driven – fear of rejection should not be an issue. It shouldn’t even exist – rejection should be a stepping stone in my journey of life.


In my superpower and kryptonite lesson, I opted to group them together instead of apart in order to build on the relationship of them. You see, I want my kryptonite to fuel the growth of my perseverance. My fear of rejection will be my driving force to persevere over all obstacles that I face in my life.

I swear, Brene Brown is tapping into a core that I so excited for people to see.

Let’s hope I can persevere through this tulle skirt I am making…’s the bane of my existence right now!

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