Tap ‘N’ Run Fun

Have I mentioned that my life is one surreal joke? I need my own reality show, but not for me – for all of my friends. Just give me a video camera and let me record all of their wasted shenanigans. In addition to their shenanigans, you will get all the faces and exasperated sighs that I give along the way.

Through it all, I ask myself the same question…

Is this my 426410_10100631033376195_1924046075_nreal life?

You want to see the real life of a 20 59711_10100631033156635_1212556410_nsomething year old, follow us around. We’re the complete package. We do beer runs, we rush to country western bars to avoid paying an $8 cover (ain’t nobody got time for that), we wear fanny packs, and take ridiculous shots that we don’t need. Some of us claim that our livers are giving out, but we continue to drink. Others can’t believe the people will actually RUN a Tap N Run 4K, because that’s stupid. Why would anybody do that? We aren’t above going into a country western bar with the intent that some of us are going to get husbands (aside from myself, because I already have one). Only would our group run into a fellow tapper and insist upon taking a picture with our “medals,” which also doubles as a bottle opener!

And of course, yours truly is not above going in a t-shirt, running shorts, a fanny pack, and cowboy boots….it doesn’t get any classier than that.

Through it all, we managed to keep a little dignity and class to live (and drink) another day.

With all the happened yesterday, I did manage to make a small amount of progress on my quilt. I can happily report that I am moving a lot faster on this quilt that I expected to do so. As I stood in Hobby Lobby yesterday, I was remind how awesome Gidget is with helping me pick out fabric. Twenty minutes later and fabric in hand, I now have a quilt back! YIPPEE!


It’s been a full weekend and today is dedicated to that 7 page paper due on Tuesday. Wish me luck that I can at least get this done without losing my mind. This time change is not faring so well for me, I need a vacation….

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