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Making a Mark: The Rise of Dallas Comic Con, Fan Expo Dallas, and Dallas Fan Days

Over the last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to represent this blog as a media outlet at quite a few of the Dallas Comic Con sponsored events. We’ve discussed how to prepare for the long event filled weekends, what to expect from photo opportunities with your favorite celebrities, and pinpointed the highlights of the events as they get bigger and better each time.

I’m taking a different approach after carefully analyzing my last experience at this most recent Fan Days event this past October. What I don’t think a lot of people who appreciate the fandoms, cosplay, and magnitude of Comic Cons around the nation understand is that Dallas has easily been setting themselves up to go head to head with the cons we’ve all dreamed of going to (I’m looking at you San Diego and New York Comic Con). Dallas Comic Con is quickly becoming the go to place for our favorite celebrities as the events that the organizers put on draw in record crowds to see some of our most beloved fans from fandoms we’ve cherished for years or were just introduced to.

Let’s take a look at this from the perspective how Dallas Comic Con has strategically mastered a solid method of wowing the fans, securing celebrities we never thought we would meet, and growing exponentially each and every show!

Before the October 2016 Fan Days had ended on Sunday evening, Dallas Comic Con had already had a stellar weekend with Matthew Lewis, Millie Bobby Brown, and Christian Slater headlining this smaller show.


Without skipping a beat, they reminded fans of all the power house celebrities that they have had in the past for the big event coming to us at Fan Expo 2017 from March 31 – April 2. The method of marketing for Dallas Comic Con is stellar in preparing fans for what is to come before the weekend is over. I know that I left on Sunday afternoon on a high from the the experiences over the weekend and already counting down for Fan Expo Dallas 2017. This was before I even knew what they really had in store for fans all over.

Without skipping a beat, Dallas Comic Con hot off a successful Fan Days Experience (complete with Harry Potter and Stranger Things fandoms utterly satisfied), they announced possibly one of the greatest kick off guest announcements for the Fan Expo Dallas 2017 event.


You read that right the sweet transvestite we all wanted to be and the killer clown that haunted our nightmares is making an appearance at Fan Expo Dallas 2017. If this doesn’t give you an idea of the caliber of people that Dallas Comic Con consistently works on booking for these events, I don’t know what else to tell you. Each and every event, Dallas Comic Con has been going above and beyond on the guests they’ve been attracting for fans. For October Fan Days 2016, while the Stranger Things craze is still running rampant they were able to secure fan favorite Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and draw in a number of different people who wanted to be in her presence, ask her questions, and of course cosplay with Eggos in tow. Dallas Comic Con has identified the importance of acknowledging a fandom and capitalizing to please the fans!

Dallas Comic Con has recently decided to only have two shows a year: Fan Expo Dallas and Fan Days. I know a lot of people were a little upset to find out that we wouldn’t have that February show, but look at it from the bright side. Two shows allows for bigger and better plans for the two shows they’ll be planning each year. They’ll be working extra hard to make sure we are pleased with the celebrity, comic, cosplay guests that they invite out to each event for our pleasure. I look forward to being able to focus on these two events and feel satisfied with the talent we are lucky enough to meet each show. Honestly, I think we can expect to see more powerhouse names from the past returning to Dallas for our shows in the future (i.e. Carrie Fisher, Stan Lee, Gillian Anderson).

Beyond all the points above, I’ve even had the opportunity to interact with a few new readers to this space via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who found a helpful tip or had an urge to go because of something they’ve seen here. I’ve got two quick shout outs:


For Margaret who caught me near the food trucks of Dallas Comic Fan Days in her amazing cosplay to tell me she read my blog – thank you for reminding me why I continue to do this and put myself out there. We need more beautifully diverse women like yourself getting out there and looking absolutely stunning while representing our respective fandoms with pride and joy.


For Mrs. Mack who screamed my name across the exhibit hall while waiting in line for Christian Slater’s panel – we already go back thanks to my lovely work wife, but it was so refreshing to hear that my pictures from the last Dallas Comic Con event where an inspiration for you to visit this show. I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures on social media and seeing your enjoy yourself at this spectacular event. See you in March?!?

Dallas Comic Con has built a community that thrives off of the stellar events they plan for fandoms! As a media outlet and fandom junkie that has been lucky enough to support and continue to write about these events, I’m very fortunate that this is something that I’ve had the privilege of watching become something greater than anyone could’ve ever imagined it would be. I look forward to Fan Expo Dallas making an even bigger mark in 2017 and the following years!

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  • Reply "Mrs. Mack"

    Oh my dearest Sevi! I have been catching up on all of my blog reading when I finally got to this post. I first must say, thank you for the shout out! I feel so special now, lol! I am honored to be mentioned on your incredible blog. You not only inspired me to check out Comic Con, but your inspiration was a gift to my bff/sister and it came at a time where she needed it most. We attended Comic Con only a few weeks after her mom passed away and it was the first time since that she smiled, laughed, and had a good time. So please keep sharing your wonderful part of the world with us, and yes, it is my hope to be back in March. My sis and I have been talking about how much fun we had and we look forward to the next one. We have even been spreading the word to our other fellow nerds and geeks so we may have a crew to go this next go round. And I agree, Dallas is a solid place with a solid fan base to continue to grow such a wonderful event. I am so glad that my first experience was in my neck of the woods. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Thank you for inspiring me to go! Hopefully we can run into each other at the next one!

    December 30, 2016 at 6:55 pm
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