Glitter Tales

The Woman


Since getting his membership his coworking space, Kevin had been the most efficient in his freelance web design business. The space had been extremely good to him up until a few weeks ago until she started working there. Ever since her arrival, his whole work day had been disrupted. She was stunning and had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Each and every person at the work space mentioned how kind and helpful Irene was.

Kevin had kept his distance over the last few weeks. In that time nearly all of his coworking space buddies had taken the plunge to ask Irene out on a date. Each time he had watched them make their moves, a part of him would hope that maybe just maybe they wouldn’t be successful. He wasn’t really sure why he wanted to see his buddies fail, especially when he wasn’t making the move to even go beyond smiling and nodding at her when she said hi. She was always so welcoming that it surprised him when he would learn later from his buddies that she had rejected yet another one of them.

Kevin heard his name being called as he sat there thinking about all the reasons that Irene would politely reject all of the guys who wanted to take her out. “Kevin. Kevin. Can I ask you a question,” a voice sweetly asked. Kevin looked up from the blank screen to see Irene standing right in front of him. He frantically began typing gibberish as he look at her and replied with a cool sure. Kevin watched as Irene’s cheeks got red and he couldn’t help but smile at how adorable it was. Irene looked him directly in the eye and quietly leaned in to whisper, “I was wondering if you would like to go and grab a drink this evening?”

Kevin looked around to make sure that someone wasn’t nearby that this could be directed and looked back at Irene with a puzzled look. She laughed and said “I know it’s cliche for a girl to ask a guy out for a drink, but you’ve been taking too long.” He mouth dropped wide open and Irene started to laugh even harder. Irene smoothly quipped, “I’ll take that as a yes, let’s say 7:00PM?”

Irene winked and walked back to her workspace, leaving Kevin counting down until 7:00PM.

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