Travel Woes

cropped-vintique_image.pngI leave for New Bern, North Carolina in t-minus 16 days. Don’t let the title of this blog fool you, I am thrilled for this vacation. I get to see the Salt to my Peppa! The Ying to my Yang. My hooker for life. 1/3 of TBF, GIDGET!

Secretly, I like to believe that she is just as excited as I am. I think know she is. Seeing as this month has been flying by, I had to get on top of making the arrangements for my flight. Instead of flying into Charlotte, I’m living on the wild side and flying directly into New Bern. You read that right, directly into New Bern. On a small jet that I had to pick my seat out of 15 50 spots (I may have been under-exaggerating the number of seats this plane actually has, but you get the idea).

My carry on just happens to be my partner in crime these days, Indigo LaRue. At least, that’s what I’ve had planned until I started researching on U.S. Airways. You see, under their baggage – they list special items. I panned across the list a few times, because I consider Indigo LaRue a very special item; nothing about sewing machines, not one word.

Of course, the first thing I did was panic. How am I suppose to achieve my perfect dream vacation of sewing side by side while relaxing in beautiful North Carolina?!? That’s right, I can’t. Indigo LaRue is a crucial component to the success of this trip and my sanity in all the projects I plan on getting achieved while there. After taking one final glance over the special items list, I took action.

I needed someone on the phone. A live person with a real voice to talk me off the ledge of having to somehow smuggle Indigo on the plane. Frantically, I reviewed all the numbers listed on their website and just picked, travel agent help desk. They were my pick, because how legit does travel agent sound. Travel agents are suppose to be personable individuals, right?!!? After dialing the number and hearing that sweet ring in my ear, I got excited.

Then the automated voice happened. Heart dropped straight into the pits of my stomach. This cannot be happening. Travel agents aren’t automatic.

Two minutes and a few painful voice commands later, IT’S ALIVE! Bonnie’s glorious voice never sounded so sweet as she politely asked me how she could assist me – yes, I remembered her name.

I practically pleaded with her to tell me that it was ok to take my sweet Indigo LaRue on this vacation with me. If I would’ve been in the same room with her, I am pretty sure I would’ve been at the point of groveling at her feet. If this was an episode of Supernatural, yours truly would’ve been on her way to see a crossroads demon to sell her soul to get Indigo LaRue on the plane.

I digress….

Do you want to know the next words that came out of her mouth? “Let me just Google TSA and check it out on their website.”

Excuse me Bonnie, did you just say Google? You’re going to Google TSA and see if this is ok. Hell, I could’ve done that myself – but the panic had set in, before I could think rationally. “As long it’s under 40 pounds, you should be fine to carry it on.”

Thank goodness, Bonnie – I was beginning to worry.

After that phone call a new realization set in, how much does Indigo LaRue weigh? From the start of planning this vacation, I have had no plans to pack Indigo LaRue in a suitcase. NONE. My lady boy is precious cargo and needs to be treated as such.

I couldn’t for the life of me recall if my machine was as light as a feather or heavier than an elephant. Luckily, I have WareBear to make a complete fool of me.

Let’s replay this conversation:

S: My sewing machine can’t be heavier than 40lbs or else I can’t take it as a carry on. It’s gotta be at least 25lbs!

WareBear: Sevi, your sewing machine is not that heavy. Our scale can totally weigh it for you.

WareBear exits – returns with Indigo LaRue and scale.

WareBear: 11lbs.

Silence from S

End Scene.

Needless to say, not one of my finest moments. Let’s look on the bright side, Indigo LaRue may need to start collecting stickers for all the states he could end up traveling to!

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