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Treat Yo’ Self!

Indigo LaRue and I went above and beyond this past Friday night with a little sewing action. I treated myself about 2 years ago with my little Nikon point and shoot camera. It comes in handy for quite a few events and I enjoy playing photographer. Mind you, I am not a professional nor do I have plans to pick up any type of photography. Even though I have this fancy point and shoot camera, I still find myself resulting back to my handy dandy iPhone to capture those special moments (aka when I have a drink in my hand or need an uplifting glorified selfie).  If it isn’t for fun, I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

During the times that I peruse the internet for quick and easy sewing projects, I frequently see the cute camera straps that everyone makes for their cameras. I had already pulled out my camera for the gender reveal party and couldn’t resist the fact that I had extra scrap fabric around my sewing area.

Naturally, you know what I did…

That’s right, I made that. With a little bit of time, David out of the house, basketball playoffs in full swing, and any chance to make something of my own – I went for it.

So next time you are ever thinking that you may or may not need something – remember….

treat yoself

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