Trends Worth the Investment

Believe it or not, I’m not made of money.

Shocking, I know, but it’s true. Like most people, I have a budget I need to stick to, so if I decide to spend my money on a trendy piece of fashion, it’s not a hasty decision. I want to make sure that it’s worth the investment. It can’t be something that I buy one week, and that’s embarrassingly out of style the next.

So for the upcoming season, I’ve decided that these are the three new trends I’m willing to invest in.

For starters, I’m all for the return of suede, I’m just not ready to invest my money in a big piece, like a suede jacket, just yet. I am, however, down with buying a pair of suede ankle boots. Ankle boots, or booties if you prefer, have been a staple in fall fashion for a number of years, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Elite Daily credits the style’s staying power to their versatility. You can wear them to work, when you’re out, and while you’re running errands. They’re comfortable and can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

Women's leather ankle boots with high heels. Studio photography on a light background.

I’m not sure how long a suede skirt would be in style for, but suede booties seem subtle enough to be able to reuse for at least another season or two.

The next trend I’m willing to invest in is “athleisure.” Athleisure is a new hybrid style that combines athletic wear with casual styles—think matching leggings with a blazer or wearing a fitted spandex shirt with yoga pants for an informal and comfortable look. According to CBS News’ report on athleisure, it was one of the most popular trends featured on the New York City runways during fashion week, and it’s only expected to grow.

The trend is an easy pick. I already have the majority of the pieces I need to pull it off, and the clothes I do buy can be multipurpose, used for exercising, lounging around, or in other casual settings.

Finally, I’ll invest in a new, trendy piece of lingerie for a couple of reasons. First, really nice lingerie gives you confidence and makes you feel sexy in a way that regular clothes can’t. Maybe it’s the way the fabric feels against your skin, or maybe it’s just a trick my mind plays that makes me think that if I wearing something sexy, then I’ll look sexy. Either way, there’s always some confidence boasting and dopamine reaction happening. And the feeling is only enhanced when it’s a trendy, stylish piece.

Second, it’s because the only person that’s going to see my lingerie is my husband. You know what my husband doesn’t know? Lingerie fashion. And I assure you, if you’re showing up in something like the new, trendy lace bralets that are being displayed on Lyst right now, your guy isn’t going to care if/when they’re no longer the top trend in lingerie. You can continue to wear it even after it’s “out of style,” and you will never have to suffer from buyer’s remorse.

I don’t take trends lightly, especially when my own money is at stake. But I can also understand the need for a fashion splurge now and again. So if you want that new velvet pant suit that you’re dreaming about it, go ahead and treat yourself. Sometimes buyer’s remorse is better than wondering what could have been.

But seriously, I really wouldn’t recommend getting a velvet pant suit… They just look awful.

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  • Reply Jerica

    (crosses velvet pants suit off list)

    Great idea with the booties! Im actually looking forward to it getting a little colder so I can put on a pair!


    October 2, 2015 at 8:32 pm
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