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Trimester Disaster

1st Trimester Hell

You hear that sweet little thumping of a heartbeat and reality hits you, you’re having a baby. At least, that is what happened for me. Little did I know that my body had clearly been telling me that for a few weeks at that point. Let’s just say, it got much worse after the sweetest heartbeat. During your first trimester, you are bombarded with a mountain of different worries. What you aren’t expecting is all the unpleasant symptoms that smack you right in the face.

For a few short weeks, I felt like my body was rejecting me and making way for this kid to firmly take over my daily routine. Extreme fatigue set in and clawed its way right into my very soul. The doubling of sports bras was mandatory on the days I could muster up the courage to even think about the gym. Everyone tells you to sleep before the baby arrives, but clearly they are either 1) a man or 2) forgot how much you get up to urinate in the middle of the night.

Any time someone looked at me the wrong way, I could feel the rage of my mood swings taking over me as I fought back my inner She-Hulk. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that smell of bananas, fish, and eggs made Allyson Felix look slow as I jetted my way to the nearest bathroom to vomit.

2nd Trimester in Full Swing

Today marks exactly 20 weeks which signifies a lot. First, we are halfway through this whole party and things are looking mighty good. Second, this girl is growing perfectly and has the longest little legs. She clearly got those from me. Third, thank the heavens and the universe that a vast majority of those first trimester symptoms have found their way back to the depths of hell.

What I can honestly share about the 2nd trimester is that this is the best I’ve felt in the last few weeks. Everyone is so concerned about how I’m feeling and if I need anything.

My cloaked response to those inquiries:

I’m feeling great!
Oh, I don’t need anything.

The honest response to those inquiries:

There is a small human sitting on my bladder and anytime I mention that people are quick to tell me this is the just the beginning.
Oh and as for if I need anything, a full night of ACTUAL sleep would be great. You know without having to get up because of said tiny human sitting on my bladder.

The second trimester has bought along with it a renewed energy that I’m going to be a mom. A mom that will get to pave her own path for this future little mini unicorn. This trimester has been about planning for her big arrival with cleaning out a nursery and setting a date for our baby shower. At the same time the apprehension lingers, because this is a monumental shift that was very unplanned. It’s gotten real this trimester and let’s just say I’m slowly taking it in stride.

Where do we go from here? Oh the 3rd Trimester…

Rumor has it that when you reach 28 weeks, you reach the illustrious third trimester. Let’s chalk this up as the trimester I’m looking forward to and dreading the most. Stay with me here and let’s put things into perspective. The third trimester means that this precious babe will be here in no time. It’s also the trimester that I really have to start coming to terms that she has to get out of this warm squishy cocoon. We’ll get to that later, much later. If we ever get to that at all. If I have it my way she’ll miraculously appear and the world will be well. Wishful thinking people, wishful thinking!

Tell me about your first, second, and third trimester experiences?

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  • Reply Gayla Cruikshank

    Oh Sevi, I can’t help but smile. The one thing I often relate the 3-Day to is ‘childbirth’. the preparation makes you nervous and excited, then the pain and agony on the walk is forgotten weeks after the closing cermeony due to the joy you experienced. :-).
    My first child was born when I was 23. Easy-schmeezy! Important: EPIDURAL. Get one! I bounced back to my bikini as soon as the dreaded dark line disappeared from my abdomen.
    My second child born seven years later was a different story. Due to a miscarriage between the births, I was put on Progesterone to help the pregnancy. The first trimester I was nauseous and exhausted, the second trimester I had debilitating migraines and the third trimester I had very strong Braxton Hicks contractions. After all of that, the delivery was a breeze, so quick that the doctor didn’t make it to the room in time so the Labor & Delivery nurse delivered her. She was perfect and beautiful just like my first. Every day of their life was better than the next, until they reached the 16 to 18 stage…I would have given them to any takers. Now, they’re 25 & 18. One is getting married in 44 days and my life is so full with them. Just wish we would have had more.
    God bless you, David and your surprise unicorn! You’ll do great and life will be fuller because of her. 🙂

    January 19, 2017 at 9:08 am
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