Twin Cities Susan G. Komen 3 Day

ICYMI I pulled off the surprise of a lifetime by plotting with a few angels to spend an entire week with my lovely Claire. It was executed flawlessly and I was on my way to Minnesota.

Let me give you a brief backstory on why the Susan G. Komen 3 Day has become a profound platform for my support. I was lucky enough to be blessed with meeting Claire about 5 years and since then our relationship has blossomed into a deep connection. I refer to her as my second mother as she has been there for me over the last few years in ways she hasn’t had to. While I didn’t know her during her first fight with breast cancer, I was there for her second. At this point, I finally understood the importance of the fundraising and cheering support I had been contributing over the last few years. Claire conquered her second bout of breast cancer and I became an even more prominent fixture to all things pink.

Every year I have continued to support the Susan G. Komen and most importantly Claire. I have donated money, time, and even had the opportunity to walk one year. Even though my life has become crazy busy and I can’t dedicate the time to fundraiser to walk, that doesn’t stop me from talking myself blue in the face about the mission of Susan G. Komen. I also make sure that I am a happy face each year on the Dallas route!

This year I was able to experience the 3 day not only in a new city, but in one of the most hands on manners I have ever had. It was three days driving around St. Paul and Minneapolis making sure that our 5 walkers had everything they needed. With 6 “walker stalkers” we made our way through each day fueled on coffee, laughs, and the pride of how well our Texans did each and every day.

Day 1 –

We represented Texas well with our Cancer don’t mess with Texas t-shirts. We were up early for opening ceremonies and it was beautiful testament to all the training and fundraising these individuals put into this journey.  I made a few new friends (we’ll get to one of them later). I also realized that I will never be able to drive an SUV, because I am accustomed to parallel parking on my little hatchbacks. Hey, we all aren’t cut out for parallel parking SUVs. All of our walkers made it back to camp safely and we had a nice evening of relaxing and gearing up for day 2.Claire and Sevi day 1 start walkerstalkers


Day 2 –

We received some unexpected weather on Day 2 with fierce winds blowing in as a storm quietly made it way to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. While our ladies were walking, we managed to get lunch set up for them, and I got to chat with the fabulous 3-Day crew! Gayla is seriously one of the most generous people that I have had the opportunity to meet during this time that I’ve been involved with the 3-Day. She is also one of the hardest working individuals always speaking and living the mission of the 3-Day. We chatted and she introduced me to Dr. Sheri and Chrissy.

Dr. Sheri is finishing up her last year as the national spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day. She is quite possibly one of the most amazing and enlightening women I have ever met. We chatted about my surprise trip to this 3-Day and the fact that the next time she is in Dallas, I’m treating her to a cocktail at one of my favorite bars.

Chrissy is the 3 Day Program Manager and I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into her role. She is such a laid back and chill lady who you would never imagine has such a big part in putting on these huge productions for the breast cancer cause. She also happens to be located in Dallas and likes brunch (AND HAPPY HOUR). It was great getting to speak to her about why I was there, my support for the 3 Day, and plans to hang out when she isn’t so busy planning each cities’ 3 Day.

Our ladies managed to escape any of the severe weather and we ate pizza in our hotel lobby area. They were more than ready for a good night’s sleep and day 3.
3 day team


Day 3 –

By day 3, we were ready for our second part of the vacation to start at the lake. This is always the most emotional day for me because all of that hard work comes to fruition after a long weekend of walking. I made sure to make this day about laughs, dancing, and cheering my favorite ladies all the way to the finish line. What made this better is that I got to meet my “3-Day Boyfriend” who I cheered on the entire weekend – along with the other walkers. He just happened to noticed that we were the rowdy group of Texans and I flew all the way out to Twin Cities just to cheer for him.

3 day boyfriend texasangels - walkers and stalkers walkers finish

All of our angels walked through that finish line at the end of the route with smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment in their hearts. I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of this amazing group of women. Their sense of pride and encouragement of each other throughout the entire weekend was beyond words and I am so lucky that I was able to share in this with them.

Here’s to next year and the next walk!

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    Great blog chronicling the 3Day experience, it was a great weekend and you were a big part of making it so ,ugh fun.

    August 31, 2015 at 8:30 pm
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