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Verizon Spring Forward: What’s Hot Now

This past Friday, I was afforded an amazing opportunity to join Verizon public relations manager Audrey Lundy, a few key players of their leadership team and a great group of bloggers to get a first hand behind the scenes look of wearable accessories, devices and apps this spring.

Verizon prides itself on being the largest and most reliable LTE network which is important when nearly 400 million workers worldwide are now considered mobile. Speed and reliability are at the forefront of Verizon’s core in providing the best service to current and potential customers; they have even been known to go as far in providing charging stations in disaster ridden areas to keep individuals connected. As Verizon continues to spring forward, they are making strides enhancing the speeds of LTE to bigger and faster horizons. Just recently, they have been in the midst of perfecting their XLTE network to provide greater peak speed and reliability; they are working hard to ensure customers are equipped with the capacity enhancements of this new generation of LTE with absolute confidence in maintaining their gold standard in wireless.

Beyond their wireless coverage, Verizon has an outlook that technology is about solving something and that is exactly what they are aiming to do. With programs such as Verizon Vehicle and their Innovative App Challenge, they are constantly transcending the realm of what technology can be.

As a current Verizon customer, I’ve been doing myself a disservice when it comes to what Verizon truly has to offer both existing and future customers. We tend to forget that once we get the service and new smartphone, the fun doesn’t stop there!

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It’s time to start thinking about phone cases, ways to amplify the sound of your favorite music, and staying connected beyond the device your carry around everyday – Verizon has you covered. From Kate Spade juice packs and cell phone cases, Swarovski crystal adorned cell phone cases, and wearables that easily can fit into the fashionable and stylish lifestyle of the blogger on the go. Being able to have the option to customize daily accessories to match your style is key, but you also want that functionality. Verizon offers both of these for the everyday fashionista.


One of my favorite items highlighted were the portable speakers! I’m a music fiend and am always looking for new innovative products to enhance my musical experience.

dallas - verizon - verizon spring - technology - brand ambassador  - verizon wireless

Between the JBL Flip 2, JBL Pulse, UE Boom, and UE Mini Boom – the options are definitely there for music lovers. They all have phenomenal sounds to suit a number of different musical genres, but if you are looking for on that truly stands out I’ll recommend the UE Boom. John Rushing of Verizon was keen on emphasizing the special features of this amazing portable speaker and its ability to connect multiple speakers for surround sound. Talk about summer fun!

After a whirlwind of learning about the variety of accessories, Verizon was enough to host a raffle for different items. Yours truly drew her own name in the drawing and won this neat Belkin NetCam HD Wi-Fi HD Camera with Night Vision. David wasted no time setting it up in the house!

dallas - verizon - verizon spring - technology - brand ambassador  - verizon wireless

The perks that we’ve discovered with this new toy is that we can both view it from the app on our respective phones and there is an option to listen to audio over the camera. The feature that David frantically texted me about was the fact that you can actually speak through the camera! When you have three dogs at home, its quite the prank to have them running through the living room looking for their mommy and daddy. The feature to view clips of your feed from earlier in the day is an additional cost and definitely seems like an option for when we set it up in a location that would benefit from seeing the feedback. Right now, I don’t think its best for us to invest in watching an entire work day of our dogs peering out of the window and moving from couch to ottoman to lounge chairs!

Whether you are a current or potential Verizon customer, be sure to visit your local Verizon store or online for a variety of promotions for both existing and potential customers, to name a few:

  • A new line with Verizon with a 10gb data plan will be rewarded with an extra 10gb of data every month for a year!
  • With the Verizon Edge program, no need for any money down for a smartphone – you can pay for your smartphone over 24 months.
  • Also you can get $150 off a tablet with a purchase of a smartphone – which can easily get you a free tablet with Verizon’s tablet options

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Robyn Parks, David Beckwith, John Rushing, Matt Butts, Audrey Lundy, and Shenikwa Stratford for inviting me to this special event!

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