Vintage Heirloom – Kenmore Sewing Machine

imageMy dream in life since I picked up this sewing hobby was to score my own vintage sewing machine. With the busy life that I lead with school and work, I haven’t been the most productive thrifter. I’ve been promising myself to make my rounds to our local trades and flea markets to scout one out.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a grandmother to teach me how to sew and the one that could’ve give me that opportunity passed away long before I ever had the chance to sit down with her.

The risk that I’ve run across with my quest to find a vintage sewing machine is that I would have to pay an arm and a leg for a decent one. Have you looked at the prices on Etsy and eBay?!? I got a job, but I still have bills to pay and puppies to feed.

Imagine my surprise when I was up bright and early last Saturday to help my fellow 3 Day walkers set up for our garage sale. As we were taking stuff outside, I heard the distinct phrase of “vintage sewing machine.” The chills that went through my spine froze me in place and I spun around searching for the hidden gem that was going to be placed out on the lawn.

I promised WareBear that I wouldn’t bring anything home from this sale – last time, I came home with a bunch of aprons that I managed to upcycle and personalize as gifts for my co-workers. He still wasn’t too happy that I came home with so much stuff.

The look of sheer excitement must have been on my face as Kelly O. asked me if I wanted to take it home. How could I deny myself the one opportunity to walk away with my dream come true?!? I weighed the pros and cons, pondered on how to explain it to David, and imagined sewing my next project or two on this beauty.

Before I could even stop myself, I heard those faithful last words come out of my mouth…take it to my car.

There was no turning back, she was mine! Kelly O. explained to me that her mother would be so excited that it would be getting some good use after all the years of sitting as a side table in a hallway. This machine was meant for me! We were destined to meet and go forth with projects.

I arrived home at a decent time last night to clear her off and do some basic set up. I’m going to have to reteach myself how to load a front loading bobbin, since I made the switch to my drop in. That’s minor, because she’s my own vintage sewing machine and I am thrilled to take her for a spin!

**Shout outs to Kelly O, Alisha, Momma Charlene, and Poppa Geary for not letting me talk myself out of this gem!

**Oh and I already have plans to repurpose this beauty over the summer.

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  • Reply Janet

    I am so glad to hear that the sewing machine that I sewed for Kelly on and made endless cabbage patch clothes, is considered “vintage.”
    I am so happy that you have it! Love, Janet

    May 26, 2013 at 9:00 pm
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